Koa Tree - Archive Thirteen

Archive Thirteen

Name:Makalapua Kanuha
LocationNapili, Lahaina, Maui
CommentsAloha Mai O Makalapua keia I find your website so uplifting, especially when doing geneology. I was chosen by my dad to be the keeper of the family geneology. I would like to commend you on such great work. My dad and his brother are in their 70's and they have done some research over the years. I am the daughter of Robert Maihui Kanuha Sr. and Doris Peke Kalawainuinakoakaahanui Both my parents are from Maui. My mama is from Kahakuloa and my dad is from Naopuu, Kaupo. Ashlyn Kanuha is my niece who is the daughter of my brother above me. Alcian Clegg is my cousin, her mother is my dad's sister. Our grandfather is Louis Haupu Kanuha. My understanding is that my grandfathers mother was Kaaikala Kanuha and father, Stanley Haupu. We have no pictures of our great grand father. We don't even know what he looks like. Yes, our great grandmother Kaaikala Kanuha became very ill with hansens dieses and was sent to Kalaupapa. Her uncle was John Noa Kanuha who raised my grandfather a
February 6, 2005 00:17:18 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aloha Mai Makalapua
It is so awesome for you to verify much of the information on our site regarding Kupuna Kane Louis Kanuha. With every visitor another branch of our family tree becomes more apparent. Yes I have been in contact with Ashlyn & Alcian through emails. It is good to make contact with you, since you are the one entrusted with the Kanuha genealogy. Much of what I know is information from records at the State Archives & Census reports, so it is very important to me when someone can verify the records. My Grandmother born Anastacia Hamole Hoopii was one of Louis Kanuha's neices. Her mothers name was Elizabeth Haupu before she married my Great Kupuna Kane Bernard Hoopii. Elizabeth Hailani Haupu was the eldest child of Josephine Kaaiakala & William, David Paul, or Stanley Haupu. I'm not sure if these english names are all the same person? Anyways if you would like to collaberate on the genealogy please write to me offline. Looking forward to your response.

Ahui hou & Malama pono


Name:Sulivan Limsiaco
Location:Bacolod City, Phillipines
Comments:Hi...Im Sulivan Limsiaco my father is Felipe Limsiaco Jr, he is the 4th son of Felipe Limsiaco Sr.
January 27, 2005 07:48:33 (GMT Time)
Reply: Sullivan,
Thanks for visiting the site, seems to be alot of Limsiaco's in Bacolad.


Name:Noel Kepa Apo
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments:Been looking for my "Ohana" from Ka'u,
Hi, My Dad (George Kawaihinano Apo I) always said, if they are "Apo's" are from Ka'u, then they are "Family".
January 21, 2005 18:51:45 (GMT Time)
Reply: Noel,
The Family name Apo is connected to the Makekau's, Mima Makekau married a chinese named Ung Po. Their decendents began using the surname Apo, Mima Makekau was born in Lahaina, Maui approximately 1871, after they married their decendents may have scattered. She is the one of 14 children born to Kelii O Nuuanu & Mele Makekau. If this is your lineage then we are Ohana.

Stay in touch,
Kona Jugoz

Comments: Great site
January 20, 2005 12:04:10 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aaron,
Thanks for visiting.

Aloha & God Bless
Kona Jugoz

Name:Roberto Viray Sitjar, Jr.
Location:2904 Oakcreek Lane, Jacksonville, Fl 32221
Comments:please if there's any sitjar out there that knows my father, roberto(rubin) who originated from cavite city, died aug. 1993, can e-mail us at the above address. there's not much history i know about our relatives. i would appreciate every single info regarding our descendants.
January 19, 2005 17:41:23 (GMT Time)
Reply: Roberto,
Like your dad, our grandfathers both from the Philippines didn't feel it was important for their children to know about the Ancestry. Or maybe no one never made a determined effort to find out. How I found out their parents was through the US Social Security Administration. You can write to them & for a small fee they will send you information. Normally I don't post Emails on our site because of privacy issues, but if you want I'll leave your infomation on.

Aloha & God Bless
Kona Jugoz

Name:Donnel Stephen Limsiaco Vito
Location:Iloilo City
Comments:Hi there... I just came acrossed your site. I was able to read the history of Limsiaco Family. By the way, mom's maiden name is Limsiaco. My mom would always tell me that her family lives in Negros. Maybe we have some soft of connection. I dunno... I would ask my mom some infos.
December 29, 2004 22:16:59 (GMT Time)
Reply: Mabuhay Donnel,
Would be great if you have any information on our Limsiaco heritage. Our grandfather didn't talk very much about his mother, or her family.

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year

Name:Kehau Kaluhiokalani
Location:Anchorage, Alaska
Comments:Aloha and Mahalo for sharing all of the Manao. Well heres my story. My tutu kane is David Nawai Kaluhiokalani and my tutu wahine is Anne Silva Kaluhiokalani. Both from Kahuku Oahu. Both are now deceased. My tutu kane retired from Kahua meat company where he worked for many years and po ho I cannot remember what my tutu wahine did before passing. My makuakane is Clarence Roy Kaluhiokalani and Makuahine Theola Lana Moore-Kaahanui Kaluhiokalani. Both still living in Honolulu. As far as I know all us Kaluhiokalani is related no matter what. I know that my cousin Nona Kaluhiokalani who is now passed started a geneology for the ohana but now no one to take over. Maybe you can finish one for all the Kaluhiokalani's near and far. I think we could all live in one big state and still not enough room what you think? LoL anyway mahalo for this site.
February 13, 2005 06:15:54 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aloha Kehau,
Thank you for visiting, I thought I came across your name before. Tia Mailani (Poopaa) Kahawai is another person who visited our Ohana website and also was ohana to the Kaluhiokalani. Her Grandmothers name was Mary Kaluhiokalani Makekau.

Ahui hou & Malama pono


Name:Charles Kamuela Olney Jacobs
Location California....
Comments My Great-Grandmother "Kelupoka Kekua Ha'o Ka'aimoku" married S.K. Makekau July 3, 1895. That makes S.K. Makekau my Great Grandfather. My Great-Grandmother's grandfather was Ha'o and lived at Maliko Bay on Maui. We are also related to the Farden's, Enomoto's, Ah Chan's, Po'opa'a, and Lum Ho; all of Maui. Based on the Makekau connection we may be related...have you come across this path in your genealogy research? Best Regards...
February 27, 2005 05:02:40 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aloha Charles,
According to LDS Archives Kelupoka Ka'aimoku had 4 daughters; Sarah, Mary, Kapika & Ana, one of them possibly is your grandmother? Do you know if S.K. went by another name? There was a Samuel Umi Makekau born in 1863, he was my Great great grandfather Charles Makekaus' brother.


Name:Jessica P Kahawai
Location waianae
Comments Aloha Currently doing a famliy tree of the kahawai ohana two married two sisters have no information or pictures of any other generations any information please e-mail me back

*Charles Kahawai married Lena Lindsey They had only one child Lena Becky Kahawai that is my grandmother also known as Lena Becky Rego

*David Kahawai married Angline lindsey They had ten children David Kahawai Elizabeth Kahawai John Kahawai Angline Kahawai Mary Kahawai Daniel Kahawai linda Kahawai Janice kahawai caroline kahawai and olinda kahawai olinda kahawai is my husbands mother

*Albert Kahawai

February 28, 2005 11:22:08 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aloha Jessica,
There are many sources on the net, the LDS Archives is one of the largest databases. You can get it at http://www.familysearch.org. Just wondering if Kahawai was always Kahawai, or if it was shortened from Kahahawai like the Kai name.


Name:Shalinda Nohealani Kaalakea
Location Wasilla, Alaska
Comments Aloha my name is Shalinda Kaalakea. One night when I was on the net, I came across The Koa Tree Ohana web site and decided to read some of what people had wrote. I read the comment of (Krystle Tua) and she mentioned the names of Lawrence and Stanley Kekiwi form Keanae, maui. she also talked about Tutu man & Tutu Lady plus the taro patch. I then said to myself that I've found family. I lept on reading and I saw Jennifer (Kekiwi) Kawai's comment and I KNOW we're family for sure. My mothers name is Lani Loe the baby sister of Lawrence, Stanley and Jerome Kekiwi, she's the 15th child of 16.My mom has 3 kids all grown up and from Lahaina, Maui but know lives in Wasilla, Alaska. I'm really glad that I found this web site now i can read up on it and maybe find more family members. Please if any of the Kekiwi Family/cousins come across my comments please e-mail me at kaalakea@hotmail.com OR jnskaalakea@yahoo.com so we ALL can keep in touch.
March 1, 2005 06:47:04 (GMT Time)
Reply: Aloha Mai Shalinda,
My name is Kona, I am the webmaster of the Koa Tree, and yes I beleive we are also cousins. The Kekiwi's are cousins to our Hoopii Ohana. My mother and your mother are 2nd cousins, the confusing thing is that our Kupuna James Kekiwi & Bernard Hoopii used different surnames. I tried to explain why on the the Hoopii page of the site. Anyway we share the same Great great grandparents Nohua & Hamole O Kaupo, Maui


Name:Shalinda Nohealani Kaalakea
Location Wasilla, Alaska
Comments Aloha Ka'ohu my name Shalinda Kaalakea I'm from Lahaina,Maui but now live in Wasilla,Alaska. I was wondering if youre related to the Casco's on Maui? My aunty name is Angie I dont remember my uncle name but there children's names are Clifford,Tina,Randy,Gordan,Bobby plus two more I cant remember the names right now.
March 1, 2005 06:59:29 (GMT Time)
Reply: Shalinda,
Forwarding your comments to Ka'ohu Casco.

Ahui hou