Koa Tree - Archive 1

Leilani, Noelani & Rudy
Sharon Noelani Jugoz
November 12, 1973 to December 23, 1997

Hau'oli La hanau
kuu keiki wahine

Dedicated to the memory of my darling baby sister Sharon Noelani Jugoz. Born at Hilo Hospital, passed away at the age of 24 at home San Jose, California.

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Name:Kona Jugoz(Don)
Location:Lualualei, Oahu
Comments:This site is dedicated to the memory of my kupuna. Jugoz, Makekau, Sithar, Hoopii/Nohua, Limsiaco, Pue/Alakiki/Kai, Abaligio & Haupu. Special mahalo to my parents, Reverends Rudy & Leilani Jugoz. Also in loving memory of my darling baby sister, Sharon Noelani Jugoz.....
December 14, 2001 05:30:01 (HST Time)

Name:Barbara Cortez
Location:Currently from Oklahoma
Comments:I'm so impressed by your website. We had a wonderful time attending Bev and Kado's wedding last month. It was so good seeing you and Brenda again also. I hope that the next time we visit Hawaii we will have more time to visit with you folks. Love to all Barbara Cortez
December 15, 2001 21:41:12 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting our Ohana website, it was great seeing you and Joel at Bev & Kado's wedding also. Please stay in touch so maybe Joel & I can bang some ukelele stringz on your next visit to Hawaii.

Name:Deanna Paiva
Location:Kamuela, Hawaii.
Comments:I was born in Kamuela, Hawaii. My Father Manuel Paiva, was born in Papaikou. My mother Alice Marques was born in Kamuela. I was raised on Oahu, are we related to anyone out there?
January 18, 2002 06:56:36 (HST Time)
We do have roots on the Big Island & Oahu, although we may not recognize names we could be related.

Name:Belinda M. Pidot
Location:Moloka'i, HI.
Comments:Hau'oli La Ha'nou Tutu Anastacia!!
January 24, 2002 09:13:06 (HST Time)
Reply:Aloha Linda & Eddie,
Our Tutu sends her Mahalo for your Happy Birthday wishes.

Name:Uncle Kimo Deguilmo
Location:San Jose, CA.
Comments:Much Mahalo for inviting me in
January 24, 2002 09:28:32 (HST Time)
Reply:Aloha Uncle Kimo,
Pray all is well with Aunty Phylis & cuzns. Aloha ahui hou

Name:D. Cruz
Comments:Beautiful website & ohana
January 30, 2002 15:33:42 (GMT Time)
Mahalo for visiting our Ohana Website, and for your kind comments in our guestbook.

Location:Ewa Beach
Comments:Aloha.... Just browsing through! I do have a question though?! Would you be related to a David Hoopii who married Mary Aweau? Trying to find info. on my father in laws mother, Jenny. Mahalo Nui Loa,...Hoku
January 30, 2002 22:48:02 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Hoku,
There are several different Ho'opi'i clans, most if not all are from the Island of Maui. Although we could all be related, our Ho'opi'i Ohana descended from Nohua & Hamole of Kaupo.

Name:Amabel Limsiaco
Location:Bacolod, Philippines
Comments: Thanks for your email. I really appreciate you. May God Bless You & Keep You!
Febuary 4, 2002 09:42:19 (HST Time)
Reply:Mabuhay Amabel,
We really appreciate all the information you passed on to us regarding the Limsiaco Ancestry. Pray that you are doing well with your studies, and hope to some day meet you in person.

Name:Janaki Ligaya Jugos
Febuary 12, 2002 06:56:07 (HST Time)
Reply:Mabuhay Janaki,
Thank you for visiting The Koa Tree. I believe we could be related through my Grandfather Mathias Jugoz also from Himamaylan. When he immigrated to Hawaii in the early 1900, they transposed his name from 'Jugos' to 'Jugoz'

Name:Jan & Jerry Sithar
Location:Seattle, WA.
Comments:Just wanted to let you folks know where we live!!!!!! The evergreen state
Febuary 22, 2002 17:09:59 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Kaua Aunty, Uncle & Cuzns,
Pray that all is well with you 7 family, in the Great Northwest.

Name:Ryan Mark Sitjar
Comments:Hi, I came across your site while I was searching for "sitjar" ancestry. My dad is from Ibajay, Aklan, The Visayas. Thanks for the short trivia on the Sitjar name & the best to you and your dad.
Febuary 28, 2002 13:22:09 (GMT Time)
Reply:Mabuhay Ryan,
My grandfather Juan Beligio Sithar was also from Panay, Iloilo to be exact. He immigrated to Hawaii as a 'Sakada' in the early 1900's to work in the pineapple fields of Makawao, Maui. When he arrived here they transposed the spelling of his name to 'Sithar'.

Name:D. Paiva
Comments:I have come across the surname Hoopii in my family tree but the connection is the Kaai family to the Hoopii's. Are you related to Solomon Kaai who resided in Ulaino. My father's parents come from Hana, Maui.Aloha Darlene
March 1, 2002 18:53:47 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Darlene,
There are several different Ho'opi'i clans, most if not all are from the Island of Maui. For Instance the Ho'opi'i Brothers Richard & Sol are descendents of Ho'opi'i Kekahuna. Isaac Ho'opi'i, the hero of September 11, at the Pentagon in Washington D.C. is a descendent of Ho'opi'i Naniho. Our Ho'opi'i lineage is from Nohua & Hamole of Kaupo, Maui. The 1800's was a time of transition, for Hawaiians from individual Hawaiian names to Europianized First & Last Names. Ho'opi'i Nohua would become known as Bernard Palenapa Ho'opi'i our Great Grandfather.

Name:Shirley Makekau
Comments:Like to know more about your Makekau line.. My husband is Stanley Makekau.
March 10, 2002 07:19:16 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Shirley,
My 2nd Great Grandfather Charles had a sister by the name of Lele Makekau this is our Connection.

Comments:Hello Don, I pray that Brenda is doing much better. Thank you for all the information on the website. You have done an awesome job in putting this all together. There is a "new love" in my life, her name is Meredith. Please keep us in your prayers. I'm thinking about asking her to our family reunion in August 2002. Take care, Love & Aloha, your brother Dwaine.

P.S. Thanks for supporting my mission trip to Switzerland. I appreciate you both.

March 14, 2002 21:25:34 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha my brother Dwaine,
Pray that all is well with you & your new found love, Brenda & I can't wait to meet her.

Name:Jo Anne Sitjar
Comments:My father Jose Tayco Sitjar b. 6/19/09(deceased) was born in the Philippines on Mindanao. His father was Pedro, Mother Consolation. There were 6 or 7 siblings. I am in California, USA. Is ther a connection?
March 22, 2002 22:07:44(GMT Time)
Reply:Greetings Joanne,
Unfortunately all we knew of my mothers father is that he was from Iloilo, the Western Visayas. Recently we found out his Fathers name was Agustin Sitjar and his mothers name was Anacleta Abaligio.

Name:Jeff (cuz), Susan Sithar
Location:Las Vegas, NV
Comments:Great website cuz. Its been along time since was kidz, yea.
All of our prayers and aloha to you and your family.
April 7, 2002 11:42:30 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Cuzns Jeff & Susan,
Yes Hard to believe, it seems like it was just yesterday, but in actually it was many moons ago.

Name:Bertha Bond, Kids and Mom
Comments:Very nicely done. Boy did I learn alot !! Love ya poppa!!!
April 29, 2002 06:44:03 (GMT Time)
Reply:Bertha & family,
Aloha & Prayers to you all.

Name:Alice Kai (Bayobay) Barber
Location:Ninole, Hawaii (Big Island)
Comments:Aloha Don, You did a great and wonderful job on your website. I enjoyed the knowledge you have shared and passed on. I would love too do the same. You have lots of memories and a wonderful "ohana" just by looking at all your pictures. Yes, we first met at Cousin Benny Kai's funeral. I brought the genealogy book with pictures. I was very happy to have met you and Brenda. And from then on you have always been in mind and heart. Now, having seen your website I'm amazed, and happy you have done something wonderful for the family. Now you have taken it alot further and given me ideas to do the same. But, I am new at this computer game (technology) and I'm just gonna have to rely on you. Hey!. I'll keep this in my e-mail folder till I can save it on a disk for family research. If you ever come to the Big Island please give me a call #(808) 963-5243 or e-mail me. Stop by and stay/visit...we'll the girls and I would be happy to make room. for family. We'll talk story. Plenty
June 7, 2002 22:26:09 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Cuzn Alice,
Pray that all is well with you & ohana, on the big Island. You inspired me to dig deeper into my own genealogy, I always knew there was a connection to the 'Kai' Ohana, after meeting you, I was enlightened. Thank you for visiting our website, and the next time we visit the Big Island we will definitely give you a call.