Koa Tree - Archive 3

Location:San Jose, CA U S A
Comments:Aloha! Mahalo nui loa Son!Just beautiful...God has favored you with an awesome gift and talent and you have made me proud! Dad, is blessed....yes he is!Aloha wau ia oe...and to all our Ohana's and friends that have shared their aloha. "Thank you for your thoughts and prayers in my Beloved Rudy's promotion to Glory!" John 11:25-26 Jesus, is the resurrection and the life,whoever believes in Him shall live forever....even tho he dies.
December 12, 2002 03:55:08 (GMT Time)
Aloha Mom,
I thank you & Dad for giving me life. Although I made alot of mistakes in my lifetime you both never gave up on me.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Lawrence Cortez
Location:Laguna Hills, California
Comments:Uncle Rudy, I will miss you
December 24, 2002 01:43:58 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Lawrence,
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website, and for your kind comments in our Guestbook.

Name:Kealii Makekau
Comments:I am the youngest of three boys fathered by Hank Makekau jr. & Patrica Makekau. My dad is from lahina maui and was the son of Henry Makekau of lahina my mom was from oahu. Mahalo for putting this information about "Makekau" on the webb. A hui hou
Febuary 5, 2003 17:10:06 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Kealii,
Henry Makekau Sr. may have been my Great Grandfather Samuels' brother.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Jovonnie Eltagonde
Location:Hampton, Va
Febuary 8, 2003 23:12:59 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Jovannie, Mahalo for visiting our Ohana Website.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Ernest K. Hoopii
Location:Camp Lejeuen, North Carolina
Comments:Aloha,I emailed you to see if we could be ohana. My ohana comes from Kahakuloa, Maui. My grandfathers name was Frank Hoopii and my father's name was Daniel Kekahuna Hoopii, brother of Rick and Sol Hoopii. Please contact me if you have any information, mahalo.Ernest Hoopii
Febuary 9, 2003 19:15:45 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Ernest,
I believe your ancestor was Ho'opi'i Kekahuna the son of Beranaba Palenapa Kekahuna. There may be a connection to us through my 2nd Great Grandmother her name was Hamole, I believe she may have been a Kekahuna.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Patrick Ka'ano'i - Grandson of Josephine Ho'opi'i
Location:Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments:Aloha e ko'u 'ohana,Mahalo for the E-mail and wonderful work you've done with your web site. Besides the link to my genealogy page and the photo of tutu lady Josephine Ho'o'pi'i Ha'o, I have a home page as well that's listed above. I'll link to your site as well. It's very good to meet 'ohana and sharing with one another. I'll be sure to go thru your site in detail. And again you're doing a great job. By the way you didn't give me your first name. I'll stay in touch.E malama pono . . . your cousin, Patrick Ka'ano'i (Ha'o)
Febuary 10, 2003 22:48:14 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Patrick,
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Josephine Hoopii Hao was our Grandmothers eldest sister. It is awesome to see her picture posted on your website.
Malama Pono

Name:Uncle Benny
Location:SeaTac, Washington
Comments:Nephew Don, It's been awhile since I have checked out the family website. Great Job once again. Would like the Sithar clan to send a group picture of their family so we can post it in the Sithar ohana site.
Febuary 13, 2003 23:35:21 (GMT Time)
Reply:Uncle Benny,
That's a terrific idea, let's plan for it during our next Ho'opi'i Nohua reunion next year in Kekaha.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:April Haunani Lui aka: mohalahaunani
Comments:I send my aloha over on a rainbow and wish that Hawaii nei, was just a surfboard ride away. I typed into the search engine the name, Makekau and found you. My grandmother is Lucy Makekau, daughter of Charles Kele Makekau son of Kealii o nuuanu o kona aka: Abel Makekau who married Mele. . She married Lui Kekumano, aka: Michael Lui Sr. My father is Michael Lui, Jr., aka: Lui Kekumano Jr. And he also married her sister, Annie Makekau. Got so much to tell you. I am in Singapore with my four children: sons: Kamakani 23, Ikaika 17, daughters: Mahina 22, and Kaimana 14. I just spoke on the phone with cousin Charles A. Reeves, my daddy's sister, Henrietta Kahaunani Andrews a couple days ago. I am so elated to have daddy's ohana. When I return home, I'll share with you all the research papers I have. My home address here is: Block 759, Apt 13-182, Pasir Ris Street 71, Singapore 510759 Phone: 1-65-6583-2812 My eldest sister Brenda also lives in Waianae. Please give her a phone call.
March 8, 2003 14:27:26 (GMT Time)
Reply:Mohala Haunani,
Yes we are related, your Great Grandmother Lucy had a brother, our Great Grandfather Samuel Naohulelua Makekau. I Look forward to meeting with you in person so we can share information with each other.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Ka'ohu Casco
Location:Maui, Hawai'i
Comments:Aloha Kaua Just roaming the internet doing searches on Kaupo, Maui when I happened upon your 'ohana page. My 'ohana is from Maui, Kaupo whose surname is Marciel. I am the great-great granddaughter of Antone & Rose Kailikea Marciel. My great grandfather Joseph Marciel used to accommodate and host a great deal of 'ohana and friends like Kenneth Emory and Bishop Allencastre. Would anyone know more of Kaupo and it's rich cultural history? a hui hou, Ka'ohu Casco
March 9, 2003 20:31:58 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website. Our Maternal Grandmother was born in Kaupo, her parents were Bernard Palenapa Ho'opi'i & Elizabeth Hailani Haupu. Bernards Parents were Nohua & Hamole, Elizabeth's Parents were Haupu Kahele & Kaaiakala Makaole.
Aloha ahui hou

Location:San Jose, Ca
Comments:Aloha Son! What an awesome webmaster you are! Thank you, so much for the time and effort you've dedicated to our Ohana web site. God bless you and it is so overwhelming to read all the reponses in the Guest Book. Especially learning more of the Makekau Ohana. What a Blessing. Dad, is rejoicing in Heaven. Prayerfully someday we will meet. Aloha wau ia oe, mOm
March 18, 2003 01:01:23 (GMT Time)
Genealogy & Web design are two of my passions. It is wonderful to find out who our ancestors were, and where they came from. It is an awesome feeling to share the knowledge with others.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Juan K. Sithar, Jr
Comments:5924 Hornbrook Ct.
Las Vegas, NV. 89130-1944
March 19, 2003 20:55:34 (GMT Time)
Reply:Uncle Juan,
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Ivan Hoopii
Comments:Aloha, wondering if we are connected. I have been meeting a lot of Hoopii's especially from Utah, since my twin brother Isaac has been the hero of 9-11...this gives me goosebumps. you can call me...696-0201 Ivan & Donna Hoopii look forward to hear from you.
April 15, 2003 02:20:16 (GMT Time)
Reply:Ivan & Donna,
Mahalo for visiting the Koa Tree, Kaho'opi'i is our original family name. As the family grew our ancestors began using the name "Ho'opi'i" as an individual name for their children. My Great Grandfather was originally named Ho'opi'i Nohua. Later "Bernard Palenapa" was added and the Nohua was taken away. The same thing happened with your ancestor, his original name was "Ho'opi'i Naniho".
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Christine Keliikuli
Location:New Mexico?
Comments:Aloha! So sorry I sent you a blank e-mail. This is a very nice site.
Christine Keliikuli
May 3, 2003 02:47:34 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Christine,
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website, and for signing our Guestbook.
Ahui hou

Name:Leilani Sithar - Jugoz
Location:San Jose, CA
Comments:Aloha, Just want to say Mahalo Son, for the awesome and inspiring website. I am so happy to see the the email from Aunty Awa and we are praying for you Aunty. Please keep in touch with us and can we have your address. What a blessing to find out about Tutu man's (Bernard Hoopii)heritage and ohana.Don, your hardwork and time that you have put into the Jugoz ohana website has touched many lives all over the world. I am so overwhelmed just knowing our ohana is growing by leaps and bounds. Praise God! Aloha wau ia oe, Mom
May 6, 2003 19:48:15 (GMT Time)
Reply:Mahalo Mom,
Aloha ahui hou
& Malama Pono

Name:Sibi Hoke
Location:Hilo, Hawaii
Comments:Searching Ohana - Holi, Keawemauhili, Makanui, Friel, Ronquillio, and Nawahine families. Tutu's name known as Po'ai Keonipae (or Keonipai ... difficult to read on birth certificate). Auntie Annie says her full name was: KAMAEHOLIOKEAWEMAUHILI KEONIPAE.
May 13, 2003 07:15:14 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Brenda Jugoz
Comments:Don, you did such a wonderful thing here. The boy's and I love you, may god strengthen us.
May 13, 2003 21:42:44 (GMT Time)
Reply:Brenda, Keola & Ikaika.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Brooke Marinas
Location:Waianae, Hi
Comments:Hello, my name is Brooke Marinas and I am interested in learning more about the Haupu family. We may be related, for my grandmother Margaret Haupu daughter of Peter Haupu and Helen Kamilla Hoopii of Hana, Maui may be the connection. You see we were never able to find our family from that side. We know of them amd met some of her brothers and sisters at her funeral but what we long for is a reconnection with them. To learn more of that side of the family. Please if it's possible email me as soon as you can so we can learn more about our families. Thank you
May 27, 2003 23:02:49 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting the Koa Tree, Our Family Website. Yes we are related through the Haupu family, My Great Grandmother Elizabeth had 3 brothers, one of them was named Peter. Peter Haupu was your Greatgrandfather. Margaret your Grandmother was Peter Haupus' daughter.
Aloha ahui hou