Koa Tree - Archive 4

Name:Lavaina Hewahinenonoheameakalokomaikaiaheahanohano
Location:Wai'anae, Hawaii
Comments:Aloha. My full name is Lavaina Hewahinenonoheameakalokomaikaiaheahanohano KEKAHUNA Hoaeae. I was wondering if there is any ohana related to either the KEKAHUNA's or HOAEAE's?? Email me back at outkastrida@yahoo.com or kekahunapride@hotmail.com
May 31, 2003 07:45:03 (GMT Time)
There is a possible link to the Kekahuna Family. It may be through my 2nd Great Grandmother her name was Hamole. She may have been somehow related to Berenaba Palenapa Kekahuna.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Tina Racilis
Location:Salinas, CA
Comments:Hello, I am a good friend and most of all a sister in the Lord to Pastor Lani Jugoz in San Jose. She mentioned about the family web site which got me all excited about checking it out for myself. Pastor Lani and I love the Lord so much and are involve in the ministry of the Lord. I told her I would sign in the guest book when I get to your web. The web is beautiful, keep up the good work. May God bless your family. Aloha from Salinas
Sister T Racilis
June 9, 2003 02:32:46 (GMT Time)
Reply:Sister T.
Thank you for being a sister in the lord to our Mom & for visiting our family website.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Ethel Sitjar
Location:Cainta Rizal
Comments:sana pagandahin nyo pa yung website nyo kasi nakakatuwa marami akong natutunan
July 11, 2003 05:06:30 (GMT Time)
Mabuhay from Hawaii

Name:John, Irene, Tasia, Solanna & Band
Comments:Aloha Don Brenda & Boys: Love your website!!! Great Job!! I need to learn off you. We need to get together to talk about our ohanas' I'm pretty sure we're relatare [for reals]. Pics, graphs are fantastic! Keep up the good works, God keeps all of you in his loving care. Aloha Pumehana The Duque's
July 25, 2003 20:51:29 (GMT Time)
Reply:John, Irene & Ohana
Yes although we may not have found the exact connection yet, the Paihinui & Makekau of Lahaina are Ohana.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Aaron Dean Ka'apuni
Location:Nanakuli, Hawaii
Comments:My mother is Barbara Kalanikiekie Makekau Ka'apuni, the daughter of David Makekau. Just wanted to say, "Aloha!" to all my ohana. Cool Site!!!!!
July 31, 2003 05:00:57 (GMT Time)
Reply:Cuzn Aaron
Mahalo nui for visiting The Koa Tree, our Ohana website & for signing our guestbook.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Howard Charles Makekau Jr.
Location:Lemoore CA.
Comments:I dont know if I'm any relation. But this is a little bit of what I do know about my family. My fathers name is Howard Charles Makekau Sr. and his father's name is Harvey Makekau which would be my grandfather. So my great-grand father would be Henry Makekau. My grandfather Harvey Makekau was born on 1/16/23 and past away on 10/16/51.
August 11, 2003 04:19:33 (GMT Time)
Reply:Cuzn Howard
My Great Grandfather Samuel had a brother named Henry. I believe Henry was a Merchant Marine, or a Sailor.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Rona Kaniho-Agustin
Location:Ewa Beach, Honolulu - `Oahu
Comments:I would like to know if anyone has information about the KANIHO `ohana from the Island of Maui. I'm trying to do my grandfather's geneaology - his name Hi`ilaniwai George Kaniho. I would greatly appreciate any information that you may have. Mahalo, Rona
August 16, 2003 01:09:49 (GMT Time)
My Great Grandmothers' sister was named Josephine Kalanialii Kaniho Haupu at birth. Commonly keiki were named after other family members, you should try researching Haupu Kahele or Kaaiakala Makaole, our 2nd Great Grandparents.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Travis Delima
Location:Haleiwa, Oahu
Comments:My grandparents are Clinton and Mercy Makekau from lahaina, maui 2 children Charlene and Christine (honeygirl). Any relation to anyone out there?
August 16, 2003 22:29:27 (GMT Time)
Although I don't know exactly how, I believe all the Lahaina Makekau's are related. I checked some of my sources but could not find your Grandparents. Do you know who Clintons' parents were?
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Angline Kahina (Piohia) Kates
Comments:I like your site I am looking for my family history my father is from Maui, Pawela my grandmother is Alice Lauhiwa, who is a Hoopii from what I understand. My father has a sister name Hannah, that I know that was living in Maui. We lived in Honolulu.
August 20, 2003 10:01:39 (GMT Time)
The following information is from the Mormon Archives' Online http://www.familysearch.org/. Genealogy Databases can only list the names of deceased family members. I did find your Grandmother, by doing a search on her name. She was the daughter of a Hoopii born in 1834 & Hookano born in 1838. It looks like someone has been researching your family already, just click on Submitter to find out who that person is. Aloha ahui hou

Name:Kathy Shimada
Comments:Our family names from my mother side are--her father George Swift, he married my grandmother Annie Hapakuka. They married and lived in ULUPALAKUA RANCH. My grandfather was also a paniolo on the ranch. The Hapakuka's are originally from Kahikinui, Honuaula and Ulupalakua area. The Swift's are from Waikapu. My grandfather Geo. Swift's mother was KALIHILIHIOKALA HOOPII. She is from Waikapu. Maybe we have some connection. Keep in touch Katy Shimada
August 27, 2003 06:24:26 (GMT Time)
Yes, There could be connections to all th Ho'opi'is. I've been communicating with some of the Kaho'opi'is and I beleive the Ho'opi'is are ohana to them. As the Kaho'opi'i family grew, their keiki were named "Ho'opi'i as individuals. As Hawaiians took on europianized first & last names, Ho'opi'i was preceded with an english name. We'll keep searching for the connections.
Malama Pono & Aloha ahui hou

Name:Krystle Tua
Location:Waianae, O'ahu
Comments:Aloha my name is Krystle Tua. I am the daughter of Florence Kekiwi (Tua)and Ene Tua. My mom's dad's name is Lawrence Kekiwi. I am so happy to see this page because i really wanted to know more about my family and that one day we all will find our geneology. Please if you do receive this e-mail me at the above address and i will be sure to get to you.hui hou
August 29, 2003 01:27:53 (GMT Time)
Reply:Krystle, My mother remembers a cousin by the name of Stanley, she said she used to visit them and watch them farm taro in Keanae, Maui. Would be great to exchange information with you, my email is nanakuliguy@yahoo.com.
Aloha ahui hou

Name:Krystle Tua
Comments:Aloha, I would like to introduce myself again I am the daughter of Florence Kekiwi (Tua) who is now married to my father Ene Tua. My mom's dad's name is Lawrence Kekiwi from Keanae, Maui he was married to my grandma Olivia Duenes (Kekiwi) from Makawao, Maui. They had two children together their names are Lawrence Kekiwi and my mom Florence Kekiwi. My mom's brother has four kids. 3 of his kids are currently living on Maui and 1 is living on Molokai. My mom has 10 kids and we are all living in Waianae, O`ahu. I am the 7th child, and 18 years old. My papa Lawrence was one of those kids working in the lo'i that was behind their house. I always wanted to know who I was related to because I didn't meet any of the family. I hope that one day i will, sometimes I wish that a family reunion was made so that i would know who i am related to. I feel that everyone should know who they are related to because, we could be walking pass each and not even realize it.
August 30, 2003 01:06:22 (GMT Time)
Reply:I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself, my name is Kona Jugoz, I also live on the Waianae Coast @ Nanakuli. We're related through Nohua & Hamole of Kaupo, Maui my 2nd Great Grandparents, I believe they were your 3rd Great Grandparents. My mothers' maiden name was Leilani Sithar, before she married my dad and became Leilani Jugoz. Her mother was Anastacia Hamole Ho'opi'i before she married my Grandfather Juan Sithar. In my mothers' hanabadda days she said, your Grand Uncle Stanley and her were about the same age. They would spend time with each other, but she never knew how they were related. We recently found out who our Great Tutu Mans' brothers and sisters were. I've been researching our genealogy for several years, with the help of the internet. I made contact with the Pi'imauna Ohana, who live on the Big Island. Through information they provided, we've made contact with the Kale'ikini ohana in Waimanalo, and now with you, the Kekiwi ohana, please pass on the information to all our ohana.
Cuzn Kona

Name:Chad Sithar
Location:Kahului, Hi 96732
Comments:Keep up the good work. Mom said , you forgot Aunty Anna Masuda.
September 3, 2003 07:58:47 (GMT Time)
Reply:Cuzn Chad & Kuu Aunty Maile
Thank you for checking out our website. I didn't forget Aunty Ana, her full name was Anadacia very similiar to our grandmother Anastacia. Your input is very much appreciated.
Keep in touch
Cuzn Kona

Name:Jeffrey Gerard Sithar
September 7, 2003 17:42:03 (GMT Time)
Reply:Cuzn Jeffrey
Thank you for checking out our website.
Keep in touch
Cuzn Kona