Koa Tree - Archive 10

Name:Timmy Chinn
Location:Kaupo, Maui
Comments:Great site. It's very important to stay in touch with our ancestors, and to know where we are from. Roland and Robert Kanuha of Naopuu are neighbors, and I carry much Aloha for them. Roland is quite a character. There are many changes that are going on and about to happen in Kaupo these days. The old ways are disappearing even more quickly these days, and people like Roland and Robert are among the last of the kupuna in Kaupo. Please keep up the good work.
April 20, 2004 16:48:52 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Timmy,
I cherish every opportunity I have to revisit Kaupo, and to be able to reminice about how our Kupuna once lived there. I have heard stories about my Uncles Roland & Robert Kanuha, although sadly we've never met formally. Please give them my Aloha .

Name:Noelani Kawailehua Piimauna
Location:Kihei, Maui
Comments:Aloha! My fathers name is Ralph Piimauna, but most people call him Butch. He is the son of Joeseph Nahale Piimauna & Sadie Keahi Poepoe. His sisters are Gladys Hoopii, Loraine Po'ouahi, Sadie Piimauna and Virginia Kaikala. His two brothers who have passed on are Joeseph Sonny Piimauna and Walter Piimauna. Our family comes from Kaupo and Makena. Aloha to all our ohana out there! This is an awesome website.Thank you!
April 21, 2004 22:01:04 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Noelani,
Yes we are cousins, My Mom and your dad are 2nd cousins, I believe that makes us 3rd cousins. We share the same Great Grt Grandparents, Nohua & Hamole of Kaupo. Hopefully someday soon we can all meet and share our Aloha.

Name:Whitney Phelps
Comments:Your information has helped me very much thank you very much!!!!!!!! You rock, Thank you
Love always, Whitney
May 3, 2004 23:23:58 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Whitney,
Happy to help, You rock too!!!.

Name:William W. Remmers Jr.
Location:Honolulu, Hawaii 96816
Comments:Found the site and I'm glad to see that my cousin in LV signed in. Leilani Chung pls call me, asap. My mother was Mele Kahiwa Rosehill, her father was Edward Rosehill who married Daisy Makekau. They had 5 boys and 2 girls, 2 still live.
May 14, 2004 22:47:01 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha William,
I believe we are 3rd cousins, was Daisy a daughter of Kelii O Nuuanu & Mele? If so, was she also given a Hawaiian name? Kukaia possibly?

Location:Virginia, USA
Are you related to Claudine Limsiaco of Bacolod city, Philippines?
May 22, 2004 13:10:45 (GMT Time)
Reply:Mabuhay Airyell,
I can't say if we're related for sure, however our Great Grandmother was Barellona Limsiaco from Negros Occidental, Western Visayas, The Philippines.

Location:Los Angeles, CA
Comments:You're like me, got ties to the Visayas. I like family history. http://66.70.l35.159/motuahina/
May 22, 2004 23:52:07 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha Kalani,
I suppose the Sugar & Pineapple Plantation owners wanted experienced Field Laborers, and the Visayas was a good source of "sakadas" or Migrant Farm Workers, like our ancestors....

Name:Lionel Berry
Comments:Go with God! I have been trying to get a complete history of my family.
May 27, 2004 04:04:52 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting our family website. What are the names of your ohana?

Name:Tia Mailani (Poopaa) Kahawai
Location:Kailua Kona, Hawaii
Comments:Aloha no, I was so taken back by your presentation of your ohana beautiful. My great grandmother is Mary Kaluhiokalani Makekau from Honolulu she is the mother of my grandmother Marynancy Mailani Molale who recently passed away on July 13, 2001. My grandmother married Samuel Kekoa Molale. If you know of my ohana would you please help me it is so hard to create a family tree alone my children wants to know as well as myself who is our ohana. Since the death of my tutu no one seems to know much she took it with her and it has made it even harder to find our ohana. I do know alot of our family came from Halawa, Kohala, Lahaina, & Honolulu and that there are just a few Molale left here on earth. Please if you know of anyone of my families please pass my email on to them or if you know I would love to hear from you. Mahalo, Tia
June 7, 2004 23:59:25 (GMT Time)
Reply:Aloha no Tia,
I was able to trace Mary Kaluhiokalani Makekau - born: March 20, 1889 @ Honolulu, HI. died: March 18, 1947. Her parents were William James Oliver Makekau & Mary Kalaluhi. Found this info on familysearch.org (The mormon archives online). I'm not sure if William James Oliver Makekau is one Kelii O Nuuanus' Keikis, a few of them also used Hawaiian names, and may have changed it to english. Hope this helps.

Comments:My mother is Barbara Kalanikiekie Makekau Ka'apuni, the daughter of David Makekau. Just wanted to say, "Aloha!" to all my ohana. Cool Site!!!!!
June 5, 2004 00:54:32 (GMT Time)
The Makekau koko flows even throughout the mainland.

Name:Adrian Iwiula Lewis Jr.
Location:607 n columbus ave glendale,ca 91203
Comments:If you can responed to my e-mail I would really appreciate it. I'm searching for my family tree, the name I'm searching for is Mabel Makekau Hussy.
June 4, 2004 02:46:59 (GMT Time)
My Great Grandfather Samuel had a sister Mabel who was married to a Hussey. We are cousins.

Name:Taylor Makekau
Location:Marrysville WA
Comments:I'm looking for my dad (Alexander Makekau) and I couln't find it
June 2, 2004 23:56:38 (GMT Time)
Once a person dies, his records become public record. If your dad is still alive, I'd need to have his permission to post his info on the internet. Your Grandparents or Great grandparents are probably listed on our website.

Name:Miguel Gonzalez Pue
Location:Monterrey Mexico
Comments:Hi I am Miguel from Mexico. Our last name are weird but similar, So I wanted to say Hi.
May 31, 2004 20:38:59 (GMT Time)
Hi from Hawaii!!!

Comments:Eh! How'z it Finally someone from da westside
May 31, 2004 09:12:28 (GMT Time)
Thank you for visiting our family website. Westside pride!!!

Location:Lacey, Washington
Comments:Hi, My daughter is looking for her Grandparents. Gladys and Solomon Hoopii. Her father is Llewelyn Hoopii. The last phone number we had for them was in Makawao but it has been disconnected. She wants to invite them to her daughters 1st birthday party to be held on Lanai. Can you help us? Thanks!
May 31, 2004 02:34:51 (GMT Time)
I forwarded your Comment to Jana Piimauna. If she knows how to reach Aunty Gladys she'll respond to your email. I'm sure they wouldn't want to miss their moopunas first birthday party.

Aloha ahui hou