Koa Tree - Archive Sixteen

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Name:Sarah Brian
Location Sarah Brian
Comments Hi, I'm Sarah from ForeverCurious,
We are a group of librarians and educators who are curating and creating the best educational resources for kids on the web. Our next piece is a series of lesson plans using genealogy as a way to teach students about history. In doing research for this project, I came across your site and found it useful. Thank you. I thought maybe your site might also benefit from some of these resources (maybe here: http://www.koatree.net/A4/Favorite_links.html ). Thanks again.

Top 100 Genealogy Sites
Resources for Military Families
Genealogy and the Law

January 30, 2017 01:47:14 (GMT Time)

Aloha Sarah!

Mahalo, (Thank you) for sharing.


Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2017 9:38 AM
Name:Courtney Phillips
Comments Hi,

My name is Courtney and I'm a mentor and tutor for a small group of kids in my local area. My class and I wanted to give you a shout and send you some virtual "high-fives" on your page, http://www.koatree.net/A4/Favorite_links.html. We enjoyed your genealogy resources and bookmarked them for our family tree project. :) While looking for more resources, the kids thought it'd be a brilliant idea to send you a page they found, http://www.homeadvisor.com/article.show.History-at-Home-A-Guide-to-Genealogy.17370.html. They figured it'd be a great resource to add with your other resources on your page. Do you mind adding it? They'd feel so accomplished knowing it would benefit your web visitors. We'd love to hear any feedback you have...maybe even a "high-five" back. :P
Thank you for your time,

Courtney Phillips

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.
~ George Washington Carver

January 4, 2017 09:38:27 (GMT Time)

Hi Courtney,

Thank you for the High Fives, I will add he link you suggested to the webpage.
High Five & Mahalo back at you all!


Name:Mililani Librando
CommentsSuch a nice story of my dad's life in Kaupo..I could imagine everything as I read, it was a simple and great life.
September 11, 2015 16:41:27 (GMT Time)

Cousin Gwen
Mahalo for visiting, love your Dads story too, a visual picture details of what it used to be like living in Kaupo.


Name:Greg & Lani Librando
CommentsThis is a beautiful website. Dad loved it. He reconized a lot of names & had a lot information you might be interested in. Hope to see you in Kauai 2015.
April 10, 2015 00:35:19 (GMT Time)

Uncle Greg & Cousin Lani
Hope all is well with the Ohana, still contemplating about Kauai.
Mahalo for Visiting!


Name:Catherine Kehaulani Kanuha-King
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments Aloha Ohana, Louis Haupu Kanuha- My Grandpa Sharing, of our last Sibling Victoria Alapa'i Kanuha-Reis passed away May 25, 2014. Aunty was born Dec. 2, 1924 at 89yrs old. Mahalo Ohana
June 28, 2014 13:35:42 (GMT Time)

Aloha Cousin Catherine,
So sorry for the Ohanas' loss, sending our Aloha & prayers.

Cousin Kona

Name:Lizabeth Masuda
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Comments Aloha nui loa mea ohana from vegas
February 6, 2014 21:50:36 (GMT Time)

Name:Nobert Canionero Makekau (Father) Luther K. Makekau
Location Oahu- Kailua - Kona ,- Casagrande Az.
Comments My Ohana in Oahu, Kailua- Kona (Canionero & Sister Galban)
October 26, 2013 05:43:48 (GMT Time)

Name:Lei Kaawa Collins
Location Waianae Valley Homestead
Comments Hi Kona, do you by chance know who is Lia Wahine Haupu? I spoke with a woman by the name of Helen Kualu, who saw my name on the Ka Waiola paper. She lives on the Big Island in Kona.
July 31, 2012 17:33:31 (GMT Time)

Aloha cousin Lei,
Found the following info online, not sure how or if we are connected, but like we discussed about Kaupo & Kawaihae would have been the closest points between Maui & Hawaii. So before ships & planes, canoes would have probably crossed the islands from those locations. It would'nt surprise me if our ohana migrated between the islands.

Helen Liawahine Haupu (1885 - 1955) Found 1 Records , 10 Photos and 581 Family Trees Born in Kohala, Hawaii, USA on 12 Aug 1885 to Pononui Haupu and Julie Nawahine. Helen Liawahine married Michael Kaili and had 4 children. Helen Liawahine married William Kualu and had 4 children. She passed away on 24 May 1955 in Waimea, Kauai, Hawaii, USA.

Name:Lei Kaawa Collins
Location Waianae
Comments Aloha Kona, I have been reading all this info on you website and I am in awe. I so need to get more info on my Haupu Ohana. I have just read one that listed my great-great grand parents. I do know that my gggreat grand parents were (k)Makaole (w) Kaniho, they had a hanai son named Charles Smith. Apparently there was a Tutu Waikiki (w) who asked them to raise his for at the age of 1. He in turn had 15 children. I will post their names as soon as I pull it our of my folder. Thankyou so much Kona for being such an informational person.
July 13, 2012 08:14:55 (GMT Time)
Mahalo Cousin Lei! The names you mention are familiar, I've seen them on the Kaupo census reports for 1900 and, or 1910. They must have lived right next to each other because I remember seeing them. Let me know when you're free, I can share them with you.

Name:Margaret R. Byrd
Location: Kahuelani Makekau & Nahupu
Comments: Do you have any ifo regarding the above or any pictures we can add to our Kupihea geneology?
May 19, 2012 15:48:00 (GMT Time)
Aloha Margaret, Check out this link Naohulelua Decendents.

Name:Susan Yulo
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comments My husband Tom and I have begun researching his family tree. We noticed that you have some entries for Clara Ann Hills and Edward Yulo. They are Tom's grandmother and father. I was curious how they are related to your Koa Tree ohana? Any information would be helpful and may unlock some of the secrets. Thank you!
March 13, 2012 18:59:54 (GMT Time)
Aloha Susan, I believe I met your husband Tommy many years ago on Molokai, at my mother in laws house. I am married to his cousin formerly Brenda Corpus, she is the eldest child of Betty Yulo Corpus Lani. I was doing some research on her side and noticed the Yulo's & the Jugos' both come from the same Island in the Philippines, Occidental Negros. One of my grandfathers Mathias Lum Jugoz is from Himamaylan. My wife Brenda & I see Michael when he visits Oahu, or when we visit Kauai.

Name:Marvel kalei'o'okalani Armitage
Location Waianae
Comments Needham Kunewa Mahuka Armitage Lindsey lineage
January 23, 2012 06:51:25 (GMT Time)

Name:Richard Hai
Location Richard Hai
Comments Great job on the website. I noticed lots of information on Kaupo. I'm related to the Piimauna family, but I don't know the details. My Great Grand Father was Winnie Boniface Scott Hai which lived in Kaupo according to 1920 Census. Please let me know if you have any additional information on Hai family. Take care!
November 25, 2011 05:48:19 (GMT Time)

Name:Tema watson
Location Kahului, hi
Comments I saw your info on aunty awe. My tutu man was her uncle akimbo. I am trying to get more info on his grandfather puna who has a brother name maihui. They both married one woman. Any info or access to info that she may have passed on would be greatly
January 29, 2011 04:54:21 (GMT Time)

Name:Esther Kubli
Comments Don thank you I enjoyed the site alot. It was great to get caught up on you and your family. Just to jog your memory...when we were younger..our families spent time together.
December 8, 2010 02:03:56 (GMT Time)

Name:Nick Yuson
Comments Hi my great great great grandma was Mabel Makekau and i was reading on the Makekau ohana website and seen that on Tutu Makekau he was related to liloa and wanted to know how far have you researched into that?
August 5, 2010 22:06:59 (GMT Time)

Location Waimanalo Hawaii
Comments I was given a genealogy tree from my father. It is my grandmother's genealogy. Her parents were Pakaha (kane) born 1861 married to Auwaehulumoku (wahine) born 1865 . Both were born in Kipahulu. She had 5 siblings:Kamila (w) Anaenae (w) Piimaunu(k) Lilikoi (w) Koaii (k) . My grandmothers name was Kele. Piimaunu and Moo were brothers I am assuming. D.K. Piimaunu married M. Kawaiaea in 1917. Kamila married Hoopii. They had a child named Helen Kamila Hoopii who married Peter Haupu and they had a child named Harold Haupu who marride Marilyn Villarimo. My grandmother was hanai by the Haili ohana when she was a little girl. She married a gentleman by the name of Bill John and they had 5 children: Irene(w) Hiram(k) Elizabeth(w) Lehua(w) and Abel(k). Abel is my father. Just want to know if we are related because I see alot of names that look familiar to my genealogy, My grandmother and father are no long living. I have my grandmother's bible which was a gift from her brother David Piima
March 1, 2010 06:08:26 (GMT Time)

Name:amabel limsiaco-rojas
Location philippines
Comments ATTENTION TO ALL LIMSIACO: I just want to ask help from you guys to organize a reunion this coming summer. If you have some information to help this reunion possible please let me know. You can contact me to this number: +639392889414 Amabel Limsiaco-Rojas For Himamaylan you can call or text tito Boloy Limsiaco: +639294299300 For Hinoba-an you can contact tito junjun limsiaco: +639206513669 I will start gathering information this coming March and the target of this reunion will be on April 30 to May 1... But this will gonna change if you have some suggestions. You can add me also in facebook. Kindly search my name mabel limsiaco rojas. Sad to say there are only few elders left to our clan and I want to hear their stories and I know you also want to know about our ancestor. There are a lot of Limsiaco out there and we don't have a chance to meet each other. I can do nothing if you won't help me guys. Hope to hear from you also....
February 24, 2010 16:13:07 (GMT Time)
Mabuhay Mabel,
So good to hear from you, I'm happy that you are doing a reunion for all the Limsiacos'. I wish I could help, but financially unable to at this time. Would be great to journey there to meet with the elders but maybe God has his plan for me another time in the future. Been very busy, and unable to check the website, my apologies for the slow response. Work, Tsunamis, and just life in general has kept me occupied. Will be praying for you all as the Limsiaco reunion plans go forward.


Location Waimanalo
Comments Aloha Kona, Maika'i loa,nani loa ame mahalo. Pl's sent INFO on da O'hana's reunion pa'ina. My Tutuwahine is Kapeka & my mom is Darling.
February 16, 2010 07:45:20 (GMT Time)

Name:Ululani Kiaha-Nuhi
Comments Aloha, I believe Theone Kaikala is a relative to me? I am a descendant of Martha Kaumakaokalani Poepoe, also the Hohu's and Kiaha's. If anyone has any info please let me know. Aloha Nui, Ululani Kiaha-Nuhi
January 6, 2010 18:21:40 (GMT Time)
Aloha Ululani,
I will be forwarding your response & email address to Theone so you both can connect.

Malama Pono Ahui hou

Name:nick yuson
Location nanakuli,oahu
Comments hi i wanted to know more info on the makekau ohana the reason for that is my great great grandma is mabel makekau she lived in lahaina. and i was wondering if you have or know any info about her.
December 22, 2009 05:09:59 (GMT Time)
Aloha Nick,
I know of two Mabels, both are from Charles Line, will send you more info by email.

Ahui hou,

Name:Joanne Howe
Location Australia
Comments Wonderful and exciting reading. You certainly have alot of information . Can you help find my husbands hawaiian connection? Thanks
September 14, 2009 21:26:17 (GMT Time)
Aloha Joanne,
Yes good to hear from you, will have to refresh some of the info you gave me, will talk to you more by email.


Location Kailua, Oahu
August 4, 2009 05:28:04 (GMT Time)

Name:Caroline Chipen
Location kihei,hawaii
Comments I saw that had one ka`alakea on this site. I was wondering which Ka`alakea she was `ohana for. My tutu lady was Hattie Ka`alakea and she married Soren Nelson. I was on here before and came across the Pi`imauna `ohana so just wondering
June 19, 2009 20:33:07 (GMT Time)

Location Marie Sitjar
Comments I would like to know if you are relatived to the Andrew, Guadalupe, & Felix Sitjar?
June 17, 2009 05:40:02 (GMT Time)

Name:Caroline Chipen
Location Kihei, Maui
Comments I stumbled on this website while looking for more information on my family, the Ka`alakea and Kan Hai families. My mom's name is Alma Nelson from Kipahulu. Her oldest sistre Melani was married to Uncle Sonny Pi`imauna. So if anybody get some info let me know.
May 19, 2009 11:10:47 (GMT Time)

Name:Theone Kaikala
Location Kahului, Maui
Comments Aloha, My name is Theone Azalea Puamelia Kaikala and my family is from Kaupo, Maui. I believe I saw my Aunty Nancy Vierra post something on this website. It was my first time viewing this website and it was VERY interesting to see how many families actually came from Kaupo, Maui. My grandparents are Joseph Nahale Piimauna and Sadie Poepoe. Together they had 7 kids, their names are Gladys (Solomon Hoopii), Josephy a.k.a. Sonny (Miriam Nelson), Sadie, Ralph (Kathy Goyette), Walter (Lynn Kawaakoa), Virginia (Randolph Kaikala Sr.), Lorraine (Aloysius Poouahi). I just want my Aunty Nancy to contact me because it's been years since we've heard from them. I thank you for the opportunity to learn our family line and I know that I'll be back to learn more. Mahalo Nui, Theone Kaikala - Kahului, Maui
May 5, 2009 21:18:45 (GMT Time)
Aloha Theone,
I'm familiar with your cousin Jana & much of the information was provided through the Piimaunas'. Before Aunty Awa Piimauna passed away she and cousin Jana shared much of their information with us (Hoopii's), Alot of the info was not known to my own tutu who was in her nineties at the time. I'm forwarding a copy of this email to Nancy so you can email her.

Ahui hou,

Location Hannah Carvalho-Antonio
Comments Mahalo for your website genealogical contributions! While perusing your Visitor Comments I have come across ohana on the Piimanuna Ohana with marriage ties to my blood ohana, Sheila Reinhardt---who is my first cousin. Sheila's late father, Charles Reinhardt is my mother Hannah's, brother. We recently relocated to our new genealogical website, after Hawaiian TelCom discontinued their website hosting of their webpages to their customers, so we had to look for a new home. We are located at: http://mauireinhardtohana.tribalpages.com also connects with familiar names on yours! Again, mahalo and here's to your continued success!
May 5, 2009 01:06:03 (GMT Time)
Aloha Hannah,
My name is Kona, I'm the creator/genealogist of the Koa Tree Ohana website. I checked my address book for "reinhardt" but couldn't find an email address for your cousin. I look forward to viewing your ohana site for possible connections.

Ahui hou,

Location Big Island
Comments Ive been looking for my boyfriends family. I think his mother is ohana. Her name is Mary Pue Cabbab b:May 1910 d:Aug 1965 or 67. She is buried at the Kapule family cemetary in Paia, Maui.Some of the names on the site look familiar, any thing else you have on the Pue family?
March 25, 2009 02:23:30 (GMT Time)

Name:Krisha Nohea Chantelle Kai
Location Hawaii
Comments I was wondering. I am not sure how this site works but just recently I've returned from living in Taiwan. I'm a local born Hawai'ian who is a decendent of Joseph Kahahawai. My great uncle (I actually don't know how many greats) was John Kai. He is the brother of Joseph and changed his last name. My father only told me this my freshman year of college (I attended the University of Hawai'i). If anyone has any information on Joseph Kahahawai's family please help. I've been searching for a while with no luck.
November 25, 2008 22:41:59 (GMT Time)

Name:Rudy Jugoz
Location: California
Comments http://www.myspace.com/rdj5775
October 16, 2008 06:41:53 (GMT Time)

Location: Maui
Comments This is a wonderful site. I also have a genealogy site to assist with research and would love to put a link to your site.
This is my blog address:


September 10, 2008 19:56:19 (GMT Time)
Aloha Kalula,
Please do link up, and I will check out your blog.

Mahalo for visiting,

Name:virginia piimauna
Location waianae hi.
June 29, 2008 04:21:15 (GMT Time)
Aloha Nancyann & Virginia,
It's good to hear from you both, I also live on the westside of Oahu. Yes, my great grandfather Bernard Palenapa Hoopii and your grandfather Joseph Piimauna Nohua were brothers. Long story on why they had different surnames, but census records verify that they were both sons of "Nohua & Hamole O Kaupo, Maui". I'm forwarding your your responses to cousin Jana so she can give the latest scoops. Thank you for visiting koatree.net, and look forward to possibly meeting you on the westside, one of these days.

Ahui hou,
cousin kona

Name:Nancyann Vierra(Piimauna
Location Waianae,HI
Comments Aloha Kakou, This is an awesome website..Hi my name is Nancyann-misau Vierra my maiden name is Nancyann-misau,Piimauna My father was Joseph,Nahale Piimauna.Who were married to his second wife Sheila Reinhardt. they had 2 daughters myself and my sister Virginia pumehanakealoha Piimauna who reside in oahu Hi..we also have brothers and sisters from my dads first marriage..their names are gladis,sadie,lorraine,virginia(toi),and ralph(butch)..also 2 more who passed on earlier..joseph and walter.. I grew up in kaupo Maui for only 7 years of my life until my dad passed on in 1983. then my mom and my sister and i moved to oahu,hawaii..my nick name in maui were beatles..i just wanted to much mahalo for this website..it gives more knowledge of my ohana who i haven't seen in 21 years..aloha...
June 28, 2008 08:57:08 (GMT Time)

Name:Deborah Kaleikini-Johnson
Location Salt Lake City, UT (living in Las Vegas)
Comments According to the information left to me by my father David Matthew Kaleikini was my great grandfather. Where did you get the information on his kids? The only information I have for my grandma is that she went by Fannie Hamolekuihao Kaleikini. I have been trying to do geneology and my cousin sent me the link to this web site. It's been a great help I would appreciate any info that you can pass on. Mahalo.
January 4, 2008 05:18:24 (GMT Time)

Name:Len Namakaokeahi
Location Nanakuli
Comments I stumbled on to your website and decided to send a comment in regards to your Genealogy of the Haupu and Kaawa Ohana. First, I 'd like to say that I have did an extensive search of Your Ohana as My family is also from Kaupo and the Hana area. I would like to share with you and your Ohana that the story of Haupu aka Haupu liilii who married Kaaiakala Makaole was actually a keiki hanai of Haupu. Family history state that he showed up in Kaupo after jumping ship. He was of German descent but spoke Hawaiian fluenty. His Hanai father, Haupu, later married Kaalani from Naopu'u. She had a daughter named Alapa'i who married John Noah Kanuha. Haupu liilii had many children with Kaaiakala. Some of those children were Keiki hanai of J.K. Kanuha. Haupu liilii was in fact given a high respect of a true brother of Alapa'i. In fact, Kaalani and her husband Haupu were the hanai parents of Haupuliilii who married Kaaiakala. The connection with Kaawa and Kahaleuahi is that they were brothers. They als
November 1, 2007 06:01:05 (GMT Time)

Name:Shalinda Kaalakea
Location : Alaska
August 14, 2007 00:40:23 (GMT Time)

Name:mel-mel jugoz
Location makaha side!
Comments hiyee tata hehe dis da only way i can talk to u since im not allowed on myspace! well i really miss u n grandma a lot n hopefully i can come visit sometime! well i love how the page is looking! i learned a lot about who im related to thanx to you! well got to go! c u soon! Luv mel-mel
March 9, 2007 19:55:26 (GMT Time)
Hiyee mel mel,
I miss you chokes too, you're so close and yet so far away, but thanks for stopping by and visiting your tata. Jus remember, no matter where ever you are, you're my special little Pualei Aloha.

Love you too

Ahui hou,

Name:Catherine Kehaulani Kanuha-King
Location Honolulu, Hi
Comments Aloha Ohana Haupu,Kanuha,Makaole. There were a Kanuha Family Reunion approx. 3yrs ago in Kona. There was a declaration sheet that was given to Uncle Roland,whose son of Grandpa Louis Kanuha from Kaupo Maui. This letter was verbally given to me to our Ohana. Dad-Robert Maihui Kanuha Sr. wanted to share of how we became "kanuha" yes, kaaiakala, dad grandmother was sent to molokai because of hansen, and her brother known to us as our grandfather is John Noa Kanuha. Grandpa Louis as brothers named Samson,Pio,sister Tutu Hailani.Grandpa Louis has son, Aurthur,Elias,Roland Puna, Douglas daughters Victoria still living in Vegas. Lucian, Gertrude. Grandpa John Noa had adopted all Kaaikala children, due to the concern of his sister. Mahalo Kehaulani Kanuha-King
October 4, 2006 14:47:46 (GMT Time)
Aloha mai Catherine,
Mahalo for sharing new information & verifying many hours of research into our hawaiian heritage. Everytime someone like youself shares, another piece of a big puzzle fits right in. Kaaikala lives on through us all, the memory of her is still in my heart, and I will forever remember her. You see, I was able to fly into Kalaupapa, and visit the place where she was held as an inmate until her death.

Ahui hou,

Name:Kealii Makekau
Location Oahu
Comments To all Makekau ohana the DLNR is seeking to relocate a plot in lahiana where there is makekau ohana. Not sure as to who it is but the graves are marked and the request is coming from a norman makekau who is claiming the site as his ohana there by giving permission to the state. If interested contact the buriel comission on maui for info http://www.state.hi.us/dlnr/hpd/bcagnda.htm
September 28, 2006 05:15:59 (GMT Time)
Aloha Kealii,
Thanks for the info, not familiar with this area of Maui, but my great grandfather Samuel rests at Waiola Cemetary, could be our ohana.

Ahui hou

Name:Glenna Togo
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comments Descendant of the Nohua and Homole Family.
Elena Apia Needham is my great grandmother who married William Kekua Needham. I am truly grateful for this gift of being a part of this Koa Tree Ohana. I just started to do my genealogy about a week ago and discovered this wonderful site.
September 19, 2006 18:16:46 (GMT Time)
Aloha Glenna,
So happy you've found the site, I look forward to working working with you as a resource on the Needham branch of the Koa tree.

Aloha pumehana

Name:Glenna Togo
Location Albuquerque, New Mexico
Comments Thank you so much for this website. What ohana has linked into mine, Abbie Needham is my great-great grandmother.
September 19, 2006 00:28:21 (GMT Time)
Aloha Glenna,
My greatgrandfather was a man named Hoopii at birth, according to the 1900 census it shows his parents were Nohua & Hamole of Kaupo, Maui. Our Hoopii had 4 brothers and two sisters, the elder child was named Apia who married a man named William Needham, Abbie Needham your Great Grandmother. To make a long complicated story short, Our Hoopii started using the name Bernard Palenapa Hoopii as his full name.


Name:Brandi Kekiwi
Location Houma, Louisiana
Comments Thank you for your hard work and research. The website is beautiful.
August 14, 2006 17:57:20 (GMT Time)
Aloha Brandi,
The best part about researching genealogy is being able to share the knowledge with others.
aloha Ahui hou

Name:Mel-Mel jugoz
Location Makaha
Comments Hey tata jus thinking of u so i thought i stop by and leave summ aloha on your u
May 16, 2006 00:43:01 (GMT Time)
Aloha no Mel-Mel,
It's amazing how fast you & your brothers have grown, high school already! Seems like jus yesterday I was taking you all to the beach, or zoo, or bowling, or jus spending time watching TV at our house.
Anyways Mahalo nui loa for spreading the Aloha.

Love you ahui hou
Tata Kona

Name:Rodney Chong
Location Torrance, California
Comments I had some time so I typed in my My greatgrandmothers last name "Haupu" and came across your web site. Just wondered if there were relation here. My Greatgreat grandparents were Isaac/Naomi Haupu of Ewa, My greatgrand parents were Charles Meu Fong Chong/Annie Haupu (1892) My grandfather was Arthur Chong Sr. Brother to Cecelia "Kuulei" Clark a kumu hula in hawaii for over 40 years, who put together the record "Ku'ulei Clark presents Hula gems" by the Aloha Pumehana Serenaders (Darryl Lupenui,Wendell Silva,Lanakila Manini,Ainsley Halemanu..also she was the person that Songwriter John K Almeida wrote Ku'ulei Pua Nani for back in the 50's
April 18, 2006 13:51:53 (GMT Time)
Aloha no Rodney,
Interesting to tell you the truth I'm really not sure, have to do more digging to find the connection. I know my Great kupuna wahine & her family were from Kaupo, Maui. I have come across records of two other Haupu families on Oahu. One from Heeia, Kaneohe & another Haupu family owned land in Pearl city.

Malama Pono Ahui hou

Location: San Antonio, TX
Comments: Congratulations to you on your awesome site, I can only imagine the amout of time & effort you've put into this. Happy Resurrection Day! and keep up the great work.
April 16, 2006 16:21:41 (GMT Time)
Aloha no Alexandria,
Thank you for the kind comments & for visiting our ohana website.

Malama Pono Ahui hou

Name:Kalena Dougher
Location Maui
Comments Aloha No, I am approaching the 1 year memorial for my son, James Robert Mana'olana'ikana'au'ao Makekau-(April 13th, 2005). I miss him dearly adn would love to know that all of his O'hana are a big part of the PULE for me, I am havign a VERY HARD time "moving on" so, please , please include my life ands survival in your hearts!!!The more days that pass, only validate a reason for me to be with him! Aloha No, Mahalo
March 26, 2006 05:17:25 (GMT Time)
Aloha no Kalena,
How fast this year has gone by, next month is the anniversary of his passing. Just want you to know you are still in our thoughts & prayers. James would've wanted you to go on living & to continue to do all that he wanted to accomplish during his stay here with us. Being the parent of two boys I think I can imagine the pain you must feel, find a good church fellowship so they can share the pain with you, pray you through this time of heartache.

Malama Pono Ahui hou

Name:Theodore Nainoa Medeiros
Location Northridge, CA
Comments Hi this is very nice site you have, Mahalo nui loa for all the great info on my ancestry.
March 24, 2006 11:35:50 (GMT Time)

Location Kaneohe, Oahu
Comments Excellent and very informative site you have.
March 11, 2006 20:29:32 (GMT Time)

Location: Maui
Comments: Nice webpages, jus wanted to say keep it up.
February 14, 2006 12:12:10 (GMT Time)

Name:Larry Franquez
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Comments: First of all, CONGRATS to you on taking the time and effort to produce this fantastic web site. I know that it takes determination and time to create a site like this. If you can contact me, I have a few questions on some names I see in your web pages. Again, my hat off to you. Superb job!!!! Good health to you.
October 8, 2005 03:34:38 (GMT Time)

Comments: The new application didn't work out, so I've reactivated our original Guest Book. Sorry if we missed any of your precious comments.

Ahui hou,

August 9, 2005 19:51:56 (GMT Time)

Comments: Mahalo nui loa, Son. We are Blessed to have you as our Son. Aloha ke Akua! Awesome Website. Aloha Pumehana, mOm
August 6, 2005 23:43:32 (GMT Time)
Mahalo nui ke akua!!

Comments:Aloha Kakou! I went to school with Dianna she was a friend and a sweet classmate. After going to High school we went our way it is so different from grammer school. Those were the best years as kids @ Kahului School. I also remember Cecelia and Ethel we were all together at Kahului School. The old building is no longer there....but memories live on. Thank you for visiting the KOA TREE. God Bless/ In Memory of my Late Husband Rev.Rudolph Makekau Jugoz. Leilani Sithar-Jugoz
August 6, 2005 22:38:15 (GMT Time)
Aloha Mom,

Name:travis delima
Location:haleiwa, Hi
Comments:Howzit, its been awhile but I have some info that might help my last email. My Grandfather is Clinton Kalaniwai Makekau and Grandmother Mercedes Makekau. My Grandfathers brothers are Abel, Stanley, and Charles and sisters are Cecilia, Dianne, and Ethel "Leimamo". Looking for contacts and trying to research family history. Any help is appreciated. Aloha Trav........
August 6, 2005 07:17:33 (GMT Time)
Aloha Trav,
We are related through the Makekau's, My Dad is a decendent of Charles Kele Makekau 1858 - 1929 from Lahaina, Maui. Charles had a sister named Lele 1867 - 1897 also from Lahaina, Maui. I believe Lele Makekau is your Great great grandmother, just as Charles is my Great great grandfather.

ahui hou

Name:Bert Higa
Location:Northridge California
Comments:Cruizin the net on lunch... My Aunty Anna Hoopii Masuda of Wailuki Maui listed here! My mom is from Honaunau, anybody else from Honaunau??

Great that Ohana is alive and well! I wanna go back "home" to Hawaii soon.

August 3, 2005 19:30:22 (GMT Time)
Aloha Bert,
My name is Kona, I live in Nanakuli on Oahu now but was raised in Waiakea & Kaumana, on the Big island. Your aunty Anna & my grandmother were sisters, I believe Aunty Anna is the last living Hoopii Kupuna. Mahalo for visiting the site!!!

ahui hou

Comments:I enjoyed finding out the roots of my family. My grandfather is Benny Leimomi Hoopii. I remember him telling me stories of his younger days growing up in Hana, and about his brother Napa and how he had died in the war. It was a surprise to find this site. Keep up the good work.
August 2, 2005 02:11:38 (GMT Time)
Aloha Kale,
Good to make contact with Uncle Benny Hoopiis' family, he was so much fun, entertaining at the Hoopii Ohana reunions. I'll never forget the last reunion on Maui at the Wailuku Community Center when he attended, the reunions are certainly not the same without many of the Kupuna. Please stay in touch, I believe there is a reunion being planned for August 2006 in Wailuku? It would be awesome if you, and any others could make it, I'll send more information as it becomes available. If you would like to send a picture of my Granduncle Benny I would be more than honoured to post it on his own webpage as a memorial to him.

ahui hou, malama pono

Name:Travis Delima
Comments:Grandparents Clinton and Mercedes Makekekau (brother of Abel and Stanley) Email me if possible looking for contacts aloha Trav
July 30, 2005 06:51:54 (GMT Time)
Aloha Travis,
Although I've never met your branch of the Makekau Tree. I have come across some connections. Stanleys' wife visited our site a few years ago, and my Mom & my Aunties attended Kahului & Baldwin High School with your Grandfathers sisters.

Ahui hou,

Name:Jerry Mederious, Calhau, Ferro
Comments:Aloha Kona...Maika`i !!!
What powerful site you have created. This is so useful especially today.
I was browsing looking for information on my Grandfather Manuel Mederious Calhau who was an early manager of Niihau and came across your site. I was born on Oahu and raised mostly on the windward side and have a deep Hawaiian connection and reverence. My children are hapa with a connection to the Hanakahi Ohana from Molokai/Maui. I am not looking for a connect there but any information I can find on my grandfather's involvement with the culture before he went into business in Honolulu.
Any stray information I can find will help. Mahalo Nui
July 27, 2005 05:41:41 (GMT Time)
Aloha Jerry,
Mahalo for visiting & for your Maika'i !!! comments in our Guestbook. I'll do a little searching, and try to see if I can find any information on your Grandfather. In the meantime let the Mana flow.....

ahui hou kakou

Name:Mark Watson
Comments:Congratulations on the new layout. Keep it up to date as a celebrity :)
July 24, 2005 12:10:36 (GMT Time)

Location:The Bay Area
Comments:Hello,this is a really nice site you guys have.I like how yall provide some good info on several families in Hawaii,I'm always for learning about my Polynesian peoples.I found this site because I was trying to find out about the Hawaiian side of my family.I know nothing about it and I searched for the last name POEPOE and found some comments here about it.I was hoping that who ever does the research for this site,if you might have any info on my Great Grandmother Ellen Poepoe Stewart or my Grandmother Nora K. Stewart? I'd really appreciate it and I dont really know where to look.I dont really keep in touch with my family and I am VERY interested in my Hawaiian side and history.I hope someone here knows or has a link to where I might find out about my family if so it would be MUCH appreciated.

Thank you

July 24, 2005 01:48:51 (GMT Time)
Aloha Le,
Thanks for the kind comments & visiting our family site. My name is Kona, and although we're not related to the Poepoe's by blood. A few of our cousin's are related through marriage. I'll research a few of my sources, and see if I can find any information on Ellen Poepoe.

Aloha ahui hou


Name:Kele Douglas Keali'imakekauonu'uanuokona Perkins
Location:San Gabriel, California 91776 USA
Comments:Hi, I believe I may be related to you all in some way. I am not 100% sure about some of my genealogy, but my mother is Dr. Leialoha Apo of Makaha, O'ahu. Her mother is Margaret Ka'a'a Apo (1910-2002). My biological grandfather is Samuel Apo (died around 1933) of Lahaina, Maui. He was the brother of longtime Wai'anae resident Peter Ah Sun Apo (1911-2005), who recently passed away. I believe their mother was (Tutu) Mima Makekau, who married a Chinese man named Ng Po (a.k.a. "Apo").
July 22, 2005 05:55:36 (GMT Time)
Comments:Sorry, I forgot to mention that my mom's full name is Leialoha Apo (Mark) PERKINS, born in Lahaina, Maui in 1930. Somehow I left out the last name; my apologies. [My dad is Roland Francis Perkins, born in Massachusetts in 1931.]
July 22, 2005 05:59:20 (GMT Time)
Aloha Kele,
Yes, I've researched your Great grandmother Mima, she was my great grandfather Charles Kele Makekaus' younger sister. I believe Ung Po changed his name to Charles Apo. Welcome to the Koa Tree.

ahui hou, Kona

Location:Do you know the way to San Jose?
Comments:Aloha Kona and family, I've been wanting to tell you how much I enjoy looking at the Website and love the the new "About the Koa Tree Site." And so blessed and encouraged to read your testimony. Everyone looks great! Keep up the AWESOME WORK YOU ARE DOING AND GOD CONTINUE TO GUIDE AND BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY IN JESUS NAME. Mahalo & Aloha Pumehana! mOm
July 18, 2005 16:51:58 (GMT Time)
Aloha Mom,
Mahalo for browsing through the site & for your blessings. Everyone is fine, and looking forward to your upcoming visit.
Aloha ahui hou,
Kona & family

Name:Ronalyn Andrade
Location:Key West, Florida
Comments:Hi, my grandpa is Luther K Makekau Thats my moms dad Mabel Makekau Andrade I lived with him for a few years I loved it in the Big Island in Puna. GREAT SITE!!!!! Mahalo Nui, Ronalyn Maile Andrade
July 14, 2005 01:19:31 (GMT Time)
Aloha Ronalyn, It's great to meet another Makekau family member, we are certainly blessed in having such a big ohana. Although I never met your Kupuna kane Luther, the stories I've read on him are so inspiring, he was an awesome Hawaiian. It is great to meet you all the way from the east coast.

Keep in touch & may God bless.

Name:Dwight Quenga
Comments:Aloha cuz, I really enjoy looking at the ohana web site.You have done an excelent job on it. Also great pictures of the families you've posted. I was wondering if it is possible to have an album set up for the Quenga's. Please contact me on this Email or call (808)205-2641 Mahalo.

God Bless,
Cousin Dwight

June 25, 2005 18:16:04 (GMT Time)
Aloha Dwight, Definitely just send some pictures in JPEG would be my pleasure to post the Quengas on our site.