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Resources for Families
Military records

The Katinas

Maui nui links
Cultural knowledge

Hawaii's Story
Queen Liliuokalani's story

Negros Occidental
Negros Occidental site
Philipines site

Island routes
Portugese Hawaiian

Hawaiian Roots

Hawaiian Names
Hawaiian names

Hawaii Genweb
Hawaii genealogy Info

Genealogy Hawaii
Hawaii genealogy
Genealogy facts

Billion Graves
Military records

Hawaiian Music Island
Buy Hawaiian Music online

Nahenahe Hawaiian Music
Hawaiian Music

Republic of the Philippines
Official government portal

Manilla Times
Philippines News
Kauauamo Ohana
'Naniho genealogy'
LDS online

World Connect
Genealogy site
Genealogy database
Genealogy resource

Genealogy and the Law
A Guide for DNA Testing
scientifically researched piece

Independence Weblog
Hawaiian current events

Hanabuddah Days
Pidgin english stories

Big News network
Philippines News

Asia Travel
Online vacation service

The Philippines
Philippines Info

"When I come home" by Kapena

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