Kaupo, Maui
Translation "Night Landing" Pukui/Elbert

The Prince MAUI-LOA was the first independent sovereign of Maui. This prince was born at Kaupo and came into his sovereignty at a young age. The beginning of his reign was marked by countless battles to establish his authority from many of the district chieftains of Maui who were loath to surrender their almost autonomous rule to the younger branch of the sacred ruling lineage of Hawai`i.

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Kaupo Coastline
East Maui

Hanawili Falls
one of many

Piilani Hale Heiau
Kahanu Gardens

Kaupo Gorge
Kings Highway

Hui Aloha Church Kipahulu, Maui

Uncle Greg Librando Jr.

My childhood in Kaupo

Kaupo Store
Huakai Makaikai A Kaupo
"A Visit to Kaupo" by Thomas K. Maunupau

is a narative of a journey to a time and place little known in our histories. It is a document rich in details of Hawaiian culture and history and a record of the youthful friendship and cooperation of Thomas K. Maunupau and Kenneth P. Emory to preserve that information for the future. It is at the same time an illustration of the Hawaiian language of the 1920s and, in translation, a glimpse of the themes and images of the Hawaiian voice.

Ho'opi'i Nohua & Hailani Haupu
Tutu Man & Tutu Lady

Kaupo is "Wahipana" or a "Special Place" it is where our Maternal Grandmother's Ohana was from. During the early 1900's there were alot of families living in this area of Maui. It was a simple place where, people learned to live off the "a'ina" or "Land". Fishing, farming, ranching & hunting were the primary sources of food. I was never fortunate enough to experience life there, but I know I would have enjoyed it.

Kaupo Gap


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