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Annie Kaaka Makekau
Paternal Grandmother

February 22, 1920 - September 8, 1986
Tutu Annie was born on February 22, 1920 at Lahaina Maui, Hawaii. Though she was born and raised in Lahaina, Maui, she lived most of her life in Hilo town. During her later years her home was a few lots before the Papaiko Sugar Mill on the Big Islands Hamakua coast. While fishing with her at the breakwater near Keaukaha, she would only use a long Bamboo, in a just a few hours her cooler was filled with different varieties of fish, ie Hinalea, Kole, Aweoweo, Aholehole. We spent our summers with her at Kolekole(Honomu), Leleiwi(Keaukaha), Samuel Spencer(Kawaihae), Mokuula(Coconut Island) beach parks.
My Tutu Annie passed away September 8,1986 at the age of 66. Her memorial is at Alae cemetery, mauka of Honolii beach park. She had my Father, from Mathias Jugoz. She was also married to Emil Tacut they had a Son, and a Daughter both were born and raised in Hilo. In 2010 my wife and sons visited her grave site we left her some fresh flowers, I shared stories with them about my teenage years growing up there in Hilo.

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Samuel Naohulelua Makekau
Paternal Great Grandfather

February 17, 1898 - April 6, 1963
Samuel was also born in Lahaina, on February 17, 1898. He was the tenth of eleven children born to Charles Kele Makekau, and Annie Loe Paniani. Samuel and Rose Pue had two daughters and a son, their names were Mabel, Annie & Samuel. Samuel Naohulelua Makekau Jr. passed away as an infant August 22, 1921. On June 24, 1929 Samuel remarried Emma Yasu Naganuma, this marriage produced 10 more keiki. Tutu Samuel was the Lahaina Fire Captain, and was well known through out the island of Maui. Mahalo to Uncle Kale Makekau for photograph of Tutu Samuel.

Wainee Cemetary
Tutu Kane Samuel passed away on April 6, 1963, his memorial is at Wainee cemetery on Maui. I was born in the year 1961, two years before Tutu passed away. Though I never met Samuel myself, my dad would tell me stories of his visits with his grandfather in Lahaina. My Grandmother would send my Dad to visit Tutu Samuel and family. He would play his Uncles and Aunts who were similar in age to my Dad. Mahalo to cousin Leilani Oliver Chung for photo the of Tutu Samuels Memorial.

Charles Kele Makekau
2nd Great Grandfather

October 7, 1858 - February 12, 1929
Charles K. Makekau was born in Lahaina on October 7, 1858, his parents were Abel Keliionuuanu Makekau & Mele Kahiwa. Charles Served in the Territorial House as the Representative, of Lahaina in the Territory of Hawaii, see the Makekau Resolution.   Tutu Charles was married to   
Annie Loe Paniani   their union was Blessed with these children;

                          1.   Lucy Milikaa Makekau {w}
                          2.   Hattie Kukaia Makekau {w}
                          3.   Matthew Makekau {k}
                          4.   Alice Makekau {w}
                          5.   Henry Makekau {k}
                          6.   Helen Makekau {w}
                          7.   Mary Makekau {w}
                          8.   Annie Kaililoa Makekau {w}
                          9.   Mabel Kunuiaiakea Makekau {w}
                        10.   Samuel Naohulelua Makekau {k} *
                        11.   Henry Paniani Makekau {k}.

Tutu Charles passed away on February 12, 1929 @ Lahaina, Maui, his remains are buried at the Makekau Family plot near Kelawea street in Lahaina. On October 17, 2009 I attended a Memorial service at Waiola church, two sets of remains were relocated from the Makekau Family plot to Wainee Cemetary. Tutu Mele Kahiwa and Tutu Lele were exumed from the Makekau Family Plot and moved to Wainee Cemetary. This Photo is the site where Tutu Charles remains are buried. I talked to my Grand Uncle Charles in Lahaina the remains of two infants are buried with Tutu Charles at this site. One would be my Grandmas younger brother Samuel Makekau Jr. who passed away at birth, the other would be Grandaunt Mabels baby who also died at birth. When I took this photo and shared it with the Ohana, some of the cousins said they could see faces in the trees.

Makekau Family Plot, Lahaina

Kelawea Street, Lahaina

Palapala Hoopii Kue Hoohuiaina
"Petition Against Annexation"

In 1897 the native population was less than 40,000. Our Kupuna Charles Kele Makekau & more than 21,000 Native Hawaiians signed the Petition. His signature is number 1, he signed it as "Charles Makekau" age(39). The document is dated September 11, 1897 his Father "A Makekau" age(75) signed on line 2. Charles Makekau   "Signature 1"

Charles K. Makekau - Second Great Grandfather:
Served in the 7th Territorial House as Representative of Lahaina, this photo taken at Iolani Palace, Honolulu in 1917

Abel Keliionuuanu Makekau
& Meli Kahiwa Swinton
3rd Great Grandparents

October 6, 1819 - October 16, 1907
June 24, 1823 - April 6, 1925
Abel Keliionuuanu Makekau was born to Naohulelua & Kunuiakea of Kailua Kona on the Big Island October 6, 1819. Abel was sent to Lahaina, Maui at a very young age. He was one of the first students at Lahainaluna School. Abel married Tutu Wahine Meli Kahiwa Swinton. He worked as a Deacon at Waiola church under Dwight Baldwin for many years. Tutu Kane lived until October 16, 1907 (88 years), Tutu Wahine until April 6, 1925 (101 years). Mahalo cousin Kealii Makekau for the picture of our Kupuna, their union was blessed with 14 children:

Meli Kahiwa Makekau - 102 years
                        1.  Kalanikui Makekau {w}
                        2.  Haliaka Makekau {w}
                        3.  David Hauola Makekau {k}
                        4.  Maile Makekau {w}
                        5.  Charles Kele Makekau {k} *
                        6.  Jennie Kinakaaka Makekau {w}
                        7.  Naohulelua Makekau {k}
                        8.  Samuel Umi Makekau {k}
                        9.  Ramon Hoe Makekau {k}
                      10.  Lele Makekau {w}
                      11.  Tamar Piehu Makekau {w}
                      12.  Iamima Makekau {w}
                      13.  Alice Hakaleleponi Makekau {w}
                      14.  Abraham Nakaielua Makekau {k}

Tutu Abel Makekau traveling to Kukuiha'ele to visit his daughter Jennie (Kini) Makekau Saffery on the big island. While there he suffered a Heart Attack and passed on near Kaauhuhu homestead while traveling back to Lahaina. In those days, without refrigeration there was no way to transport his remains back home to Lahaina. He was buried in Kukuiha'ele cemetery near Waipio Valley. In 1953 to make way for a new highway, his remains were moved from Kukuiha 'ele cemetery to the middle of a sugar cane field. On May 29, 2007 the Makekau Ohana, under the guidance of Uncle Norman Nakamoto arranged for Tutu Abel's remains to be reintered into Wainee Cemetary in Lahaina, from the Big Island.

Abel Kelii O Nuuanu Makekau - Wainee Cemetary

Meli Kahiwa Makekau (Swinton) - Lahaina

Palapala Hoopii Kue Hoohuiaina
"Petition Against Annexation"

In 1897 the native population was less than 40,000. Our Kupuna Able Makekau & more than 21,000 Native Hawaiians signed the Petition. His signature is number 2, he signed it as "A Makekau" age(75). The document is dated September 11, 1897 his son "Charles Makekau" age(39) signed on line 1. A Makekau   "Signature 2"

Meli & Abel
Third Great Grandparents
Tutu Meli Kahiwa his wife, and Tutu Lele his daughter were buried at the Makekau Family plot near Kelawea street in Lahaina. The Kelawea site lacked public access, so on October 17, 2009 two sets of remains were relocated from the Makekau Family plot to Wainee Cemetary. Tutu Meli Kahiwa and Tutu Lele were exumed from the Makekau Family Plot and moved to Wainee cemetary. My kupuna Mele Kahiwa & Abel Keliionuuanu Makekau, the First generation of the Makekau Ohana were reunited at Waiola Church grounds where Tutu Man Abel served as a deacon all of his life. For me this was a reality check & my introduction to the Makekau Ohana, truly an unforgettable experience. I met Cousins, Aunts and Uncles I never knew growing up, learned about the Makekau Ohana, and their legacy in Lahaina.

Mele Kahiwa Makekau
Third Great Grandmother
Waiola Church, Lahaina - 2009

Lele Makekau Duncan
Second Great Grandaunt
Wainee Cemetery, Lahaina - 2009


Samuel N. Makekau
Great Grandfather
The Lahaina Fire Captain

Rudy, Mathias & Annie
Dad & Grandparents
Rudy & Mathias Jugoz, Annie Kaaka Makekau

Abel Keliionuuanu & Meli Kahiwa Makekau
Third Great Grandparents
The First generation of the Makekau Ohana

Ramon Hoe Makekau
Second Great GrandUncle
President of the Territorial Senate

Makekau Family Portrait
Photo hidden away by Mima Makekau Apo shared by the Apo Ohana see more below

Makekau Family Portrait - Lahaina
Top Row; Annie Loe Paniani, Charles Kele Makekau, David Hauola Makekau, Iamima Makekau Apo, 2nd row (center); Henry Paniani Makekau, Lily Apo, Charles Apo, Mabel Kaililoa Makekau. 3rd Row; Samuel Naohulelua Makekau, ?, Lele Makekau Duncan, ?, Tutu Meli Kahiwa Makekau, Alice Hakaleleponi Apo Aki, some of the keiki in the photo haven't been identified yet. Because Tutu Abel is not in the this photo, it is believed it was taken after his death in 1907.

Special acknowledgement to Nalani Aki A. Wallace, Alice Aki L. Shimomura, Janet Apo Loh, Umi Perkins, Lori K. Apo, Peter K. Apo for sharing the pictures of Charles K. Makekau & the Makekau Family Portrait. Mahalo nui loa to Leialoha Apo Perkins for gathering, and sharing the Makekau Family history with us.

Early Genealogy

4th Great Grandfather
Son of Huoole & Kalaaumaikai

5th Great Grandmother
Daughter of Kahi O Kalie & Hiku I Ke Kualono

Hiku i ke kualono
6th Great Grandmother
Daughter of Keawe Nui A Umi & Unknown

Keawe nui a umi
7th Great Grandfather
Son of Umi A Liloa & Kapukini

Umi a liloa
8th Great Grandfather
Son of Liloa & Akahi O Kuleana

9th Great Grandfather
Son of Kihanuilulumoku & Waiolea

10th Great Grandfather

Mahalo to ROOTSWEB for this
version of the Makekau Genealogy.

Multiframe Portrait above - clockwise from lower left

Luther Kahekili Makekau
1890 - 1988
'Son of Ramon'
Star Bulletin story
Lower left photo
Henry "Hank" Makekau Jr
1932 - 2004
'Son of Henry'
Advertiser story
Upper left photo
Abel Wahawela Makekau
Oil Painting
'Son of Malia'
Center photo
Iolani "Harriet" Luahine
1915 - 1978
'Daughter of Manase'
Star Bulletin story
Upper right photo
LeiLani, Marilyn, Kona & Brenda
King Kamehameha Hotel
Kona, Hawaii

Lower right photo

Sources: State of Hawaii records, Rootsweb, UH Hamilton Library
Special Mahalo to cousin Mohala Haunani for her manao on
Luther Makekau, Iolani Luahine & the Kue Petition.

Palapala Hoopii Kue Hoohuiaina
"Petition Against Annexation"

In 1897 the native Hawaiian population was less than 40,000. The first four signatures on this page of the petition are significant. Charles Kele Makekau, Abel Makekau, David Hauole Makekau & John Duncan, the husband of Lele Makekau. They signed on September 11, 1897. 21,000 Kanaka Maoli signatures are included in the petition.
Kue Petition (Pg. 616)

Weldon Kekauoha - Lei Hooheno

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