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Annie Loe Kukaia Pa'aniani Makekau
Second Great Grandmother 1862 - 1935

Annie was born in the year 1862 at Lahaina Maui, Hawaii. Her family were originally born and raised in Lahaina, Maui. Her Mother, Mary Ann Kenui and some of the Kenui siblings would eventually migrate to Oahu.
Annie Loe Pa'aniani passed away on April 11, 1935 at the age of 73. It is not exactly known where her memorial is. She may have joined Charles at the Makekau Family Plot or some say she may be at Wainee Cemetary near her son Samuel Naohulelua Makekau in an unmarked grave.

Pa'aniani Na Keiki O Lahaina, Maui
"Pa'aniani Children of Lahaina, Maui"

Henrietta Pa'aniani (w)
1861 - 1878

Lucy Milika'a Pa'aniani (w)
1865 - 1875

Ellen Lele Pa'aniani (k)
1868 - 1908

Henry Ki'a Pa'aniani (k)
1870 - ?

Matthew Pa'aniani (k)
1872 - 1884

Hattie Moke Pa'aniani Robinson Akana Ahoe Koahou (w)
1874 - 1919

Henrietta Nua Harrison Baker (w)
1875 - 1962

Moke Kukaia Pa'aniani (k) & Meleana Kahanamaikai Kenui (w)
3rd Great Grandparents

Moses & Mary Ann were married on March 11, 1861 @ Lahaina, Maui.

Moses Kukaia Pa'aniani (k)
3rd Great Grandfather

According to the 1900 & 1910 censuses he was born in the year 1837,
his occupation is listed as a Taro Farmer in 1910 he was 73 years of age.

Maryann Kahanamaikai Keliikoa(w)
3rd Greatmother

She was born in the year 1845 married three times;
Poonika, Pa'aniani & Keliikoa, her memorial is at Kawaiha'o Cemetary in Honolulu

Liana Kaiana (k)
4th Great Grandfather

Born in 1820, died 1898.

Milikaa Kenui(w)
4th Greatmother

Born 1820, died 1845 Milika'a had two brothers Charles & Ekela Kenui.

Mataio Kenui (k)
5th Great Grandfather

Died 1867.

Lelomita Nua(w)
5th Greatmother

Mahalo to cousin Celeste for sharing the genealogy of Annie Loe Pa'aniani Makekau

From: Celeste
To: Kona
Sent: Tuesday, March 8, 2016 10:09 PM
Subject: Annie Loe Pa'aniani (Paniani)

Somehow while doing some genealogy research, I came across your Makekau website. i just wanted to thank you for posting the photo with Annie in it- Annie was my great grandmother's older sister (one of them). My g-grandmother was Hattie Paaniani/Paniani Robinson Akana Ahoe Koahou (she married several times!). Annie and Hattie's mother was Melana (Mary Ann) Kahanamaikai Kenui Pa'aniani Keliikoa. It's wonderful to be able to put a face to a name.


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