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Elizabeth Haupu & Ana Sithar
Elizabeth Hailani Haupu
Great Grandmother
September 15, 1890 - August 4, 1973

Elizabeth Hailani Haupu was born on September 15, 1890 @ Kaupo Maui, Hawaii. Tutu Lady Elizabeth married our Tutu Man Bernard Palenapa Hoopii on May 6, 1906 @ Kaupo Maui. She was the eldest of six and a newly wed in her teens when her mother Josephine Kaaiakala contracted leprosy. To protect her mother from being taken away to Kalaupapa, Josephine was hid in caves on the eastern slopes of Haleakala, Maui. Mahalo Cousin Darrel Pascual for Photo of Tutu Lady and Grandma!

Elizabeth Hailani Haupu passed away in August 4, of 1973 at the age of 83. Her memorial is at Wailuku County Cemetery. She was the eldest child of William Stanley Haupu, and Josephine Kaaiakala, born in Kaupo, Maui.

Wailuku County Cemetary

Haupu Na Keiki O Kaupo, Maui
Haupu Children of Kaupo, Maui

William Haupu and Josephine Kaaiakala were the parents of six children, Josephine contracted leprosy and was exiled to Kalaupapa Molokai. The 1910 census shows that she was living in Kaupo, Maui with Bernard and Elizabeth, then in the 1920 census she is an inmate at kalaupapa. Elizabeth would marry Bernard Hoopii, Josephine married Andrew Kaawa Sr., two of the the boys Louis & Maximim were hanai'd by an uncle John Noa Kanuha. Peter & Benjamin would be raised by their sisters and their father and still carried the Haupu name.

Josephine Kalanialii
Kaniho Haupu Kaawa(w)
Great Grandaunt
April 16, 1892 - May 13, 1950

Josephine was born April 16, 1892 in Kaupo Maui, Hawaii. She married Andrew Kaawa and they settled in Nanakuli Homestead on Oahu. Josephine passed away on May 13, 1950 her memorial is @ Nanakuli Cemetary Oahu, Hawaii.

Maximin Haupu Pio Kanuha.(k)
Great Granduncle
November 3, 1896

Born November 3, 1896 at Kaupo, Maui. He lived across the street from the Hana Ranch Store in what is now pasture land. Later may relocated to Oahu. When their mother Josephine Kaaiakala was exiled to Kalaupapa two of the boys were hanai'd by an Uncle, John Noa Kanuha. In his elder years Tutu Pio was cared for by his nephew Elias Kanuha.

Louis Haupu Kanuha.(k)
Great Granduncle
January 27, 1901 - March 24, 1964

Born January 27, 1901 - passed away on March 24, 1964. Louis married Eva Lima on August 3, 1919. When Josephine Kaaiakala was exiled to Kalaupapa two of the boys were hanai'd by an Uncle, John Noa Kanuha. The Kanuha's lived in an area of Kaupo, called Naopu'u.

Benjamin Peter Haupu.(k)
Great Granduncle
1903 - ?

Benjamin Peter Haupu was born July 27, 1903 married Helen Kamila Hoopii on March 20, 1928. Helens parents were Benjamin Hoopii & Maria Pakaha of Kipahulu.

Sampson Haupu.(k)
Great Granduncle
September 19, 1905 - April 15, 1988

Located a Marriage certificate dated December 18, 1923. Document lists his parents as W.P. Haupu & Elizabeth Kaaiakala, Sampson marries Maria Kaili at Puuiki Church in Hana.

Benjamin Aiwohi Haupu.(k)
Great Granduncle
August 2, 1909 - February 14, 1978

He was born August 2, 1909 passed away February 1978 in Honolulu, He was the Youngest son of Kaaiakala, he was just an infant when Josephine was exiled at Kalaupapa.

Haupu Kahele aka
William, Stanley, David, Paul Haupu liilii
2nd Great Grandfather

Born in the year 1870, his Parents were Haupu & Kahele. Tutu Haupu used several different first names William, Stanley, David, Paul & "Li'ili'i" translates to "little" in olelo o Hawaii. He and Kaaiakala had at least 6 keiki, Elizabeth(w), Josephine(w), Maximin(k), Louis(k) & Peter(k). Benjamin Aiwohi(k) was a half brother, he was very young when Tutu lady Josephine was exiled at Kalaupapa. Our Tutu Man Haupu later may have remarried Kamaka(w).

1897 Kue Petition (Pg. 669), Signature 25
D. P. Haupu liilii age(27)

Kaaiakala Makaole aka Josephine Kaaikala
2nd Great Grandmother
Born in the year 1873 @ Kaupo Maui, her parents were Makaole & Kaniho. During the early 1900's lived with Bernard & Elizabeth Hoopii. She contracted Leprosy and was transfered to Kalaupapa , where she passed away on March 21, 1921.

1897 Kue Petition (Pg. 143), Signature 12
Kaaiakala, age(25)

1920 Kalawao Census, scroll down to Page No. 6B - Line #33
Josephine Kaaikala

Haupu(k) & Kaaiakala(w)
Great Great Grandparents

Married on January 28, 1891 @ Kaupo, Maui, Hawaii.

Sources; State of Hawaii Archives, Familysearch.org, 1900 Census, 1910 Census

Petition Against Annexation

In 1897 the native Hawaiian population was less than 40,000. Haupu & Kaaiakala signed the Kue Petition. They signed on September 11, 1897. 21,000 signatures are included in the document.
Kue Petition (Pg. 656)

"A place called Hawaii" by Kapono Nailiili

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