Koa tree - Ho'opi'i

Anastacia Hamole Hoopii
Maternal Grandmother

May 13, 1912 - July 21, 2004
She was born on May 13, of the year 1912 at Kaupo Maui. The fourth of sixteen keiki, her parents were Bernard Palenapa Hoopii Sr. & Elizabeth Hailani Haupu. She met our grandfather Juan Beligio Sithar. while they worked the pineapple fields of Makawao. Tutu was skilled at making pickled mango, baking mango bread, she was a longtime resident of Magarro Camp in Puunene. As keiki we spent the days roaming the sugar cane fields catching doves, pigeons with homemade chicken wire cages and feed.

Anastacia Hamole Hoopii

Wailuku Cemetary

Anastacia Hamole Hoopii Sithar Abon
92, of Kahului, Maui, died July 21, 2004. Born in Kaupo, Maui. A homemaker. Survived by sons, Kailima and Jerry; daughters, Kuulei, Leinaala, Leilani, Leimomi, Maile and Maile Lynn; sisters, Ida and Ana; 34 grandchildren; 50 great-grandchildren; 12 great-great-grandchildren; hanai daughter, Francine. Tutu Wahine Anastacia passed away on July 21, 2004 at the age of 92 at Hale Makua in Kahului, her memorial is at Wailuku Cemetary, Maui.

Bernard Palenapa Hoopii Sr.
Great Grandfather

December, 1882 - October 15, 1955
He was born December, 1882 to Nohua and Hamole of Kaupo . In his younger years he may have worked with his brothers, David Matthew Kaleikini & Joseph Piimauna Nohua at Kaupo Ranch. On May 6, 1906 Ho'opi'i married our 2nd Grandmother Elizabeth Hailani Haupu. At some point he was employed by Maui County as a "Road Laborer" he helped build the many stone bridges on Hana Highway. Mahalo nui loa Uncle Reggie Valle for Photo of Tutu Man Ho'opi'i.

Bernard Palenapa Hoopii

Malaikini Cemetary

On October 13, 1955 he passed on, at the age of 74, his remains are buried at Malaikini Cemetary, Waikoloa Maui. In 2014 Our Hoopii Ohana traveled to Hana to locate our ancestors grave. Aunty Leimomi was very young when the funeral occurred but remembered after more than fifty years. The cement work was poured by Tutu Mans three sons, Lei, Benny & Napa

Palapala Hoopii Kue Hoohuiaina
"Petition Against Annexation"

In 1897 the native population was less than 40,000. Our Great Grandfather Bernard Palenapa Ho'opi'i & more than 21,000 Native Hawaiians signed the Petition. His signature is number 37, he signed it as "Hoopii" age(15). The document is dated September 11, 1897. His elder brother "Kaleikini" age(18) signed on line 35.
Kue Petition

Ho'opi'i na keiki
"The Children Bernard Hoopii & Elizabeth Hailani"

Ho'opi'i Keiki:

     1. Josephine Kalanialii Hoopii  "Dela Cruz-Hao"  1907-1988 Wahine
     2. Elizabeth Kapeka Hoopii      "Librando"            1908-1982 Wahine     
     3. Bernard Kupaiki Hoopii                                      1911-1925 Kane 
     4. Anastacia Hamole Hoopii   "Sithar-Abon"      1913-2004 Wahine *
     5. Fabian Lei Hoopii                                               1915-1957  Kane
     6. Elizabeth Akala Hoopii         "Lazaro"               1917-2001 Wahine
     7. Ida Hailani Hoopii                "Valle"                   1918-2008 Wahine
     8. Ellen Leimomi Hoopii                                          1918-1923 Wahine
     9. Mary Malia Hoopii                "Codero"              1921-2001  Wahine
   10. Benjamin Leimomi Hoopii                                 1923-2003 Kane
   11. Abbie Hoopii                                                      1924-1924 Wahine
   12. Eleanor Hoopii                                                                      Wahine
   13. Richard Hoopii                                                                      Kane
   14. Bernard Palenapa Hoopii                                 1928-1966 Kane
   15. Anadacia Leimomi Hoopii    "Masuda"           1930-2010 Wahine
   16. Unknown                                                                                               

Tutu at Kaupo Store

Bernard Palenapa Hoopii Jr.
Grand Uncle Napa

May 2, 1928 - December 12, 1966
Uncle Napa was "Wounded in action" during the Korean War. While on his second tour of duty is listed as "Killed in action" fighting for America at Vietnam. His remains are at the Veterans Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific at Punchbowl Crater. Photo of Uncle Napa courtesy of Aunty Janice Herrick - Mahalo


Bernard Palenpa Hoopii Jr: Panel 13E Line 38 of Record Kaneohe, HI. May 2, 1928 - Dec 12, 1966. United States Army, E6, Staff Sergeant, ID No: 50005217, Infantryman - 14 years, B CO, 2ND BN, 27TH INFANTRY, 25TH INF DIV, USARV Age: 38, South Vietnam; Casualty Reason: Ground casualty; Casualty Detail: Misadventure (Friendly Fire)

The Virtual Wall

Tragedy at Sea

Nohua Na Keiki O Kaupo
"The Children of Nohua & Hamole"
I. Kaleikini (Kane)
Great Grand Uncle

"David Matthew Kaleikini"
He was born in August 25, 1874
he married Mary Kawaa
they had six keiki,
Mary, Kalei, Nakuana,
Pane, Lokalia & Rose.
Kue Petition
II. Apia (Wahine)
Great Grand Aunt

"Abbie Nohua (Needham)"
She was born in November, 1878
According to records she married
William Kekua Needham
on March 29,1907.
Kue Petition
III. Kekiwi (Kane)
Great Grand Uncle

"Daniel Kalalani Kekiwi"
He was born in April of 1881, he married
Ipoaloha. Their keiki were Hua(k),
Keliikalahale(k), Kalaheni(k),
Piimauna(k), Kamila(w) & Agnes(w)
Hana 1910 Census.
IV. Ho'opi'i (Kane)
Great Grand Father

"Bernard Palenapa Hoopii"
He was born in December of 1882, according to the 1900 Kaupo Census Nohua & Hamole O Kaupo.
Kue Petition
V. Pi'imauna (Kane)
Great Grand Uncle

"Joseph Piimauna Nohua"
He was born in March 3, 1884, he worked as a "Paniolo" at Ulupalakua Ranch for 40 years. On January 7, 1903 he married Rebecca Hina. Six keiki, Solomon, Joseph Kaleimomi, Victoria Wehi, Violeka, Nahale & Andrew Telia.
Kue Petition
VI. Nani (Wahine)
Great Grand Aunt

"Elisabeta Nani Nohua (Ha'i)"
She was born in March of 1886, married Scott Boniface Ha'i. Nani contracted hansens desease and was exiled at Kalaupapa, where she passed away on March 6, 1928 she was 41. Their three sons were Ephraim, Adam & Abel.

VII. Kalaehano (Kane)
Great Grand Uncle

"Kalaehano Nohua"
He was born in May 1888 at Kaupo, Maui according to the 1900 Kaupo census.
Brothers and sisters, why different surnames?

Nohua & Hamole O Kaupo had seven keiki, each were given a single Hawaiian name at birth as was the tradition in those days. The seven were named Kaleikini, Apia, Kalaehano, Hoopii, Piimauna, Nani, & Kalalani. In the year 1860 King Alexander Liholiho (Kamehameha IV) signed into law the Surname Act in the Kingdom of Hawaii. This Act stipulated that Hawaiians who traditionaly used a single Hawaiian name until then, would convert to the westernized first name - last surname. Our ancestors used their original Hawaiian given name as their surname, and began using one, or more english first names, usually taken from the bible. The two sisters Apia & Nani would use their married last names. In rural areas of Hawaii like Kaupo, on the Island of Maui the Surname Act wasn't entirely practiced until the early 1900's.

David Nakaikuaana aka John David Nohua
& Maria Hamole O Kaupo

Second Great Grand Parents
Second Great Grand Father
Born in the year 1845

John David Nohua, aka "Nakaikuaana"
The "Nohua" name could have been shortened from the hawaiian name "Kalaunuiohua". Kalaunuiohua was a Big Island Mo'i who conquered Maui, Molokai & Oahu in the 14th Century. He was taken prisoner by the Alii Kukona as he attempted to conquer the island of Kauai.
Kue Petition
Second Great Grand Mother
Born in the 1847

Elizabeth Hamole Nohua, aka "Maria Hamole"
She may be related to the Kekahuna Ohana. Berenaba Palenapa Kekahuna is the Kekahuna's patriarch, this could be where our Hoopii got his English name from. Hamole could be the link to Hoopii Kekahuna the ancestor of Richard & Sol, The Hoopii Brothers from Kahakuloa, Maui.

Marriage Certificate
Nohua & Hamole - January 27, 1860

According to a document in the Hawaii State Archives
Nohua & Hamole married January 27, 1860 @ Hana, Maui.

Aunty Awa Pi'imauna
Daughter of Solomon Pi'imauna
Granddaughter of Joseph Pi'imauna Nohua

The information of Nohua & Hamole O Kaupo, and their keiki was shared with us by Aunty Awa Piimauna. She dedicated most of her life researching our Family History. It was very important to her this information be shared with all our Ohana. On October 21, 2003 Aunty Awa passed on, and although I never met her in in person. She and cousin Jana sent countless pages of information, hand written notes, letters, emails. The information they sent, helped me see a young Nohua Family, and understand why their keiki all used different surnames. Mahalo cousin Jana Piimauna for sharing Aunty Awa's manao with us. Verified Sources; State of Hawaii Archives; FamilySearch.org, 1900 Census, 1910 Census 1940 Hana Census

Hoopii, Kaawa & Haupu Photographs

Robert U. Ace Codero
Kahului, Maui
1938 - 2017
Top left photo

Emiliano Valle Jr.
Vallejo, CA
1936 - 2017
Top right photo

Anadacia K Kaawa
Waianae, Oahu
1930 - 2016
center photo

Harold Chey Haupu Jr.
Waihee, Maui
1953 - 2017
bottom left photo

Maebelle Manuwia
Glendale, CA
1933 - 2015
bottom right photo


Elizabeth Hailani Haupu
& Bernard Palenapa Hoopii
Great Grandparents
Top left photo

Malia Hoopii,
Cherylynn & Honey Codero
GrandAunt & Aunties
Top right photo

Hoopii Family Reunion
Kekaha, Kauai
Center photo

Ida & Emiliano Valle Sr
Grand Aunt & Uncle
Lower left photo

Malia Codero, Akala Lazaro,
Benny Hoopii, Hamole Sithar
& Ida Valle
Hoopii siblings
Lower right photo

Hoopii Kupuna Photographs

Malaikini Cemetary - Waikaloa Hana, Maui

Maui 2014

Sithars travel to
Hana to rediscover the
grave of Tutu Man
Waikoloa, Maui
Upper Left Photo

Kona & Ikaika
@ Iao Needle
Iao Valley, Maui
Upper Right Photo

Hoopii Family
Reunion - Wailuku
Wailuku, Maui

Kona, Rick, Leilani,
Aunty Leimomi &
Aunty Leina
Malaikini Cemetary
Lower Left Photo

Sithars at
Pua'a Kaa State park
Waiohue Bay, Maui
Lower Right Photo

Kue Petition - Petition against Annexation
In 1897 the native Hawaiian population was less than 40,000. Most of our Nohua ancestors signed the petition, Nohua(54),Piimauna(12). Kaleikini(18), Hoopii(15), & Apia(18) signed on other pages. They signed on September 11, 1897. 21,000 signatures are included in the document. Kue Petition

"Pua Ki'ele" by Josh Totofi

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